The Amazing Race eliminated blind-dating couple Jackie Ibarra and Jeffrey Weldon during the 26th season's sixth episode Friday night on CBS.

Jackie, a 27-year-old professional dancer from Las Vegas, NV, and Jeff, a 26-year-old account executive and salesman from Tampa, FL, were ousted from the race around the world after they arrived at the sixth Pit Stop in last place. They are the second blind-dating couple to be eliminated from this season.

"I had the most badass girl out of all of them," Jeff noted following his team's ouster.

"I don't want to go home, I'm not done," Jackie said in tears, adding that it was the best of both worlds to race around the world and meet someone amazing.

"This is something that no one else can ever share, and Jeff is that person that I shared that with. He's going to be in my life forever. I'm going to give him my number."

The sixth leg of the Race began with dating couple Aly Dudek and Steven Langton departing the fifth Pit Stop in Munich at 9AM. Dating couple Matt Cucolo and Ashley Gordon left in second place at 9:57AM, and they were followed by Jeff and Jackie at 10:38AM and blind daters Jenny Wu and Jelani Roy at 10:41AM.

Behind Jenny and Jelani were blind daters Hayley Keel and Blair Townsend at 10:47AM, blind daters Laura Pierson and Tyler Adams at 10:58AM, and finally dating couple Michael Dombrowski and Rochelle Nevedal at 1:03PM.

The teams' first set of clues instructed them to fly to Nice, France and then head to hotel Westminster, where they'd receive a professional fitting in order to be dressed appropriately for their helicopter ride into Monaco.

Aly and Steve got on the first available flight into Nice that arrived at 5:05PM. Matt and Ashley hopped on the next one that would land at 6:15PM. However, Jeff and Jackie, Hayley and Blair, Jelani and Jenny, and Laura and Tyler booked a better flight that ultimately landed at 5:55PM. Matt and Ashley later noted the woman at the ticket counter made a mistake.

Mike and Rochelle's flight was due to arrive in Nice at a much later time of 8:45PM. Knowing they'd be way behind the pack, the couple tried to get on Aly and Steve's flight by waiting standby. In a lucky turn of events, they got on that flight. Most of the teams assumed Mike and Rochelle were over an hour behind them, but that was clearly no longer the case.

At this point in the Race, Hayley and Blair were just trying to stand each other and not fight. However, Jeff and Jackie were getting along beautifully. They admitted to cameras they felt passion for one another and feelings were definitely there. Jenny and Jelani worked well together for the most part but sparks don't appear to be flying between them.

After getting dressed in fancy suits and ball gowns, Aly and Steve hopped on the first helicopter into Monaco. On their heels were Mike and Rochelle in the second helicopter, Jelani and Jenny in the third, Laura and Tyler in the fourth, Hayley and Blair in the fifth, Jeff and Jackie in the sixth, and finally Matt and Ashley in the seventh -- and last -- helicopter.

It then became time for one member of each team to complete a Roadblock task.
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For the Roadblock, the Racers had to travel on foot to pick up roses and chocolates and then find their partners waiting for them on a luxury yacht in the harbor.

Steve opted to take on the Roadblock task for his team. He was later joined by Mike, Jenny, Laura, Hayley, Jackie, and Matt.

Jenny and Laura decided to work together so they could get the task done faster.

Aly and Steve were the first team to reunite on the expensive yacht. They were then followed by Mike and Rochelle, Jelani and Jenny, Laura and Tyler, Hayley and Blair, Jeff and Jackie, and Matt and Ashley.

The teams were then instructed to make their way to Casino De Monte Carlo.

Aly and Steve got their first. They were followed by Mike and Rochelle, Jelani and Jenny, Laura and Tyler, Hayley and Blair, Jeff and Jackie, and Matt and Ashley.

Once at the casino, a red and black roulette wheel determined whether the teams would attempt either the "Don't Slack Off" or "Win By a Nose" Detour task.

"Don't Slack Off" required the teams to pick up a car from valet and then proceed to a destination where they'd zipline 2,000 feet above the city and then walk the line back to the start.

"Win By a Nose" required the teams to pick up a car from valet and then go to a destination where they'd make a bottle of signature perfume and cologne under the guidance of Fragonad. Using 12 essences per fragrance, the Racers had to match the original recipes.

Most of the teams had trouble getting to the Detour task. Aly and Steve got totally lost and had to stop for directions, allowing Mike and Rochelle to pass them. Jelani and Jenny lost their map. Jeff and Jackie failed to navigate themselves in the right direction as well, allowing Matt and Ashley to pass them.

The teams who were forced to participate in the fragrance task were Aly and Steve, Mike and Rochelle, Laura and Tyler, and Hayley and Blair.

The fragrance task was difficult and tedious compared to the ziplining, which was an exciting and seemingly quick adventure. Jelani and Jenny got to zipline in addition to Jeff and Jackie and Matt and Ashley.

Although Mike and Rochelle started the Detour task in the lead, they struggled with chemistry when trying to mix the different essences. After a couple failed attempts, however, they finally nailed it.

Jelani and Jenny finished the Detour in first place. They were soon followed by Matt and Ashley, Jeff and Jackie, Aly and Steve, Laura and Tyler, Hayley and Blair, and finally Mike and Rochelle.

The teams' next clue sent them to the Pit Stop at Plage De Passable.

Once again, Jeff and Jackie got lost. Jelani and Jenny also had trouble finding their way to the leg's final location.

Hayley and Blair were the first team to arrive at the Pit Stop. The happy pair -- who believed they had won the leg because they weren't fighting -- received a trip for two to South Africa.

Aly and Steve stepped on the Pit Stop mat in second place followed by Mike and Rochelle in third place.

Matt and Ashley met The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan in fourth place, followed by Jelani and Jenny in fifth and then Laura and Tyler in sixth place. It was revealed that Laura and Tyler earned themselves another "date night."

Jeff and Jackie finally made it to the Pit Stop in seventh -- and last -- place. The couple was sad to learn they had been eliminated from the Race, however, they might've left the show with a potential love match.