Jonathan Knight has changed his name on all social media accounts to include boyfriend Harley Rodriguez's name after the Supreme Court made a historic decision Friday to legalize same-sex marriage in the United States.

Jonathan, a member of the boy band New Kids on the Block who had competed on The Amazing Race's 26th season with Harley as his teammate, is now calling himself Jonathan Knight-Rodriguez.

Jonathan, 46, came out gay in 2011 and has been dating Harley for more than seven years.

Jonathan captioned a photo of himself on Instagram with bandmate Donnie Wahlberg, "Overwhelmed with joy this morning. So many emotions! I am blessed to be surrounded by 5 of the most amazing loving men in the world @harley.rodriguez @jordanknightofficial @joeymcintyre @dannywoodofficial and @donniewahlberg #LoveWins."

Harley, a fitness trainer, also took to Instagram to express his joy. He shared an image of a heart comprised of each state in various colors of the rainbow.

"Today history has been made and I'm proud & happy for so many reasons... proud of the U.S. for choosing #equality for all & happy that now younger generations can grow up in a country that doesn't legally discriminate against love," Harley wrote.

"Hearing the happy tears in @jonathanrknight's voice this morning made me grateful & blessed that he, I, & others in this country are fortunate to now have this freedom whereas in so many parts of the world, people are killed for expressing love. Thank you #SCOTUS & #POTUS for making it possible that #LoveWins! #equalityforall #loveislove #pride."

Jonathan and Harley were eliminated from The Amazing Race last season in the fourth episode. In late March, they talked to Reality TV World about how they viewed same-sex marriage and whether they would've liked to tie the knot at the time.

"We'll see! I mean, I still -- me personally, I feel we're committed and, you know, marriage is still not recognized," Jonathan explained to Reality TV World.

"We can get married in New York City and move to a city that it's not recognized in and then it's basically the same as not being married, so. Let's see what the government is going to do and vote on. Hopefully we'll get to the point where we'll have equality for all, and we can address getting married then."

"We kind of say we're like the [Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham Jr.]," joked Harley.

"I mean, we're good! We're good with what we have, but if something changes down the line, then yes, so be it. It's not something that we're forcing on each other. If it happens organically like we met, like, 'Hey, let's get married!' then fine. It's just not something we want to force."