Temptation Island just premiered on USA Network, and Javen Butler and Shari Ligons will seemingly be one of the most explosive couples on the revival.

Javen and Shari, both 25, currently reside in San Francisco, CA. They were high school sweethearts who met at 16 years old and were dating for eight years prior to their Temptation Island appearance. In fact, the couple had been living together for five of those years.

However, Shari couldn't get over the fact her man had cheated on her during college.

The pair therefore decided to go to Temptation Island and date new people in order to ensure Shari could trust Javen again. She knew this experience would test his loyalty and love more than ever before.

And as for Javen, he said he wanted Shari to experience dating other men since she's never dated anyone else besides him.

During an exclusive interview with Reality TV World after Episode 1 of the series aired, Shari talked about her relationship with Javen and experience on Temptation Island. Below is the second half of her interview.

Reality TV World: After getting to know the people who were in relationships going into Temptation Island, which couples did you predict would stay together or break up by the end of the show, and why?

Shari Ligons: You know what? Honestly, when we first got on the show, everyone there was in a real relationship. So, for me, I couldn't picture any of them breaking up!

I mean, the dynamics when we first met each other and we were finally on the island and seeing our houses for the first time, the dynamic between couples, I didn't picture any of us would break up.

Reality TV World: After participating in this type of experiment, do you think it's healthy for an established couple to separate and date other people as a way to test the relationship? Do you think it helps one figure out what true love really is?

Shari Ligons: Yes. I mean, obviously this isn't for everyone, but I do think it's really relatable. We agreed to be vulnerable and share our relationship problems, and that's what we were doing throughout this whole journey. I felt like everyone will relate to each individual watching the show.

Reality TV World: Without giving away the ending of Temptation Island, how would you describe your experience overall -- and do you have any regrets?

Shari Ligons: I don't live life with regrets, so I definitely don't regret doing it. But for me, I would say it was really challenging for me and I had a lot of twists and turns. It's kind of crazy because people see me in Episode 1 and they think I'm this hot, feisty, expressive person.
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And it's going to be interesting for people to see the real side of me, where I am reserved and I am kind of an introvert. But I don't shy away from expressing myself, and I'm just excited for everyone to actually get to know Shari for who she is -- and not just Episode 1.

Reality TV World: Prior to appearing on Temptation Island, did Javen and yourself talk about what the next stage of your relationship might be if you survived the show as a couple?

Shari Ligons: We both, when we initially went into this experience, we were like, "You know what? If we can make it through this, then the next step would definitely be an engagement and marriage."

Because one of the questions we had was that we've been with each other since we were 16, so, that was definitely something that we talked about.

Reality TV World: Were you surprised how difficult it was for you to open up to other guys on Temptation Island? Considering you knew what you had signed up for -- to date other people -- did you ever imagine it would be so hard?

Shari Ligons: Honestly, I thought it would be hard, but I didn't think it was going to be that hard for me. Like, I really had a hard time opening up to other guys! (Laughs)

I think I'm always used to having Javen around, so for me, to be in a situation where there's four of us girls and 12 guys all looking for love, it was pretty intense.

Reality TV World: After watching Episode 1 and seeing how Javen behaved in his first couple of days on the island, did anything upset you?

Shari Ligons: I guess the only thing that kind of upset me was the fact that we did leave on bickering terms. That's not something I ever intended to happen, but at the same time, me and Javen are both really expressive people and really blunt.

So for me, that's the only thing I would say kind of stuck out to me. It's kind of tough to watch yourself back, being emotional and going through all of these challenging things. You envision yourself in those moments and get those same feelings again.

Reality TV World: Katheryn is the single girl a lot of people are buzzing about because she's coming across aggressive and appears to be bouncing between different guys. Watching the episode, were you thinking, "She better stay away from my man?" (Laughs)

Shari Ligons: I think I was like that for every girl, because I mean, at the end of the day, these girls are here to date our men. We signed up for this, but you know what? I am protective. I've been with this same man since I was 16, so of course. I feel girls are naturally more aggressive and they had their claws out that night!

Reality TV World: Did you feel like you had a good support system in the other women who came to Temptation Island with boyfriends? Did you feel you could lean on them?

Shari Ligons: Definitely. All of us girls really supported each other throughout the whole season, and I'm excited for people to see our dynamic as well.

Reality TV World: Can you give me a teaser about what's to come this season and what fans can expect to see?

Shari Ligons: I can guarantee you more tears! From everyone! But me specifically.

Temptation Island's second episode will air Tuesday, January 22 at 10PM ET/PT on USA Network.

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