Temptation Island single Katheryn Golden is one of the 12 single men and 12 single women participating in the currently-airing season of the USA Network reality series.

Like the original Temptation Island that aired on Fox between 2001 and 2003, USA Network's Temptation Island reboot features four dating couples who are at pivotal times in their relationships embarking on an extreme social experiment to decide whether to stay together or go their separate ways.

After traveling to Hawaii, the couples -- Javen Butler and Shari Ligons, Evan Smith and Kaci Campbell, Karl Collins and Nicole Tutewohl, and John Thurmond and Kady Cannon Krambeer -- are separated and each person spends the next several weeks experiencing the single life and living with and dating their respective group of singles.

Katheryn, a 30-year-old medical aesthetician and make-up artist from Nashville, has quickly emerged as one of Temptation Island's stand-out single women during the show's first two episodes -- and now she's blogging about her time on the show and recapping it for Reality TV World!

Read it below and find out more about Katheryn's relationship (or lack thereof) with John, her conversation with Javen, and her explosive fight with her fellow single Morgan Lolar.

Temptation Island, Episode 2 - Katheryn's Blog

Going into the house, Morgan and I were a solid duo. We were most similar in the fact that we shared the same interest and humor. She was the only one that would that would laugh at my lame jokes and vice versa.

I think a lot of the girls in the house were great, but Morgan and I had an instant friendship.

With that being said, going into this house I also had an agenda. My agenda was taking this time to step out of my comfort zone, learn as much as I can about each and every guy and see which connections were there.

The fact that these men had "girlfriends" wasn't anything that was going to get in my way because these girls were doing the EXACT same thing at the other house. They were also looking to learn about other men and to see if there were any interest and for that, it was fair game!

Just because I'm a single doesn't mean that I would ever want to "wreck" any relationship. This was a social experiment that we all signed up for. Viewers have to understand that we are all on this show to find a potential love connection and IF that love connection exceeds what you have in your relationship going into this, then obviously you two aren't meant to be together. Am I right?

When I first saw John during the introduction ceremony, I thought he was a really handsome guy, but I also thought the same about Evan. Evan looks exactly like an ex of mine.

However, when meeting them in person and having conversations, I knew I was definitely more interested in John. When we had our first mixer, John approached me before any of the other girls and I appreciated him wanting to get to know me before talking to anyone else. It made me feel like he knew what he wanted and I find that attractive in a man.

John was very kind and we definitely hit it off, but I also wanted to get to know the other guys as well. Like I said before, I wanted to step out of my typical type and get to know all of the men.
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Later that evening, we had a ceremony where the couples had to block someone...

Based on the way John came straight for me at the mixer, and that Kady and I shared similar looks, I knew she was gunning for me. I was not surprised, but I was also NOT happy. I didn't want to be blocked from the guy that I had the most attraction and chemistry with.

So from there on, I knew I was going to have to make things interesting in the house in order to win John over, because it definitely wasn't going to happen on a date. No person, and especially no piece of jewelry, is going to stop me from finding my potential life partner.

When I first met Javen, I could tell he was extremely stand off-ish and I really wanted him to get the full experience. I wanted him to know that he can talk to other girls and have fun, and that wouldn't mean he had to cheat on his girlfriend. He's also chiseled like a Greek God and easy on the eyes, so it was definitely easy to flirt with him.

Javen is an extremely funny guy, super witty and very observant, just when you think he didn't hear what you said or catch-on to what you did. Oh, but he did!

I know it may seem like I came on strong, but like I said, I wasn't a part of this journey to sit back, sip mimosas and make girlfriends. I was here to find a potential life partner so I wanted to get to know everyone.

As for Morgan and I, Morgan made a remark to me about thinking Evan was the most attractive or that she was most attracted to him. But I ALSO told her I was attracted to him as well. When Evan and I were in the kitchen, he was flirting and I wanted to flirt back, but I also didn't want to step on the toes of my best friend.

The confessional seemed like the only place to get any privacy, so I asked him to join me for conversation in there. While in there, I really just wanted to see him for him and ask him what his intentions were and who he liked and when he said he liked me, I suddenly got stiff because my best friend liked him. I could just envision a huge love triangle gone wrong!

To my dismay, I was being creeped on the whole time and then when Morgan slammed the door open and started saying that Brittany didn't want to go on a date with him anymore, I felt EXTREMLY disrespected. I asked her to join our conversation and she said no.

There was nothing going on and there was no reason for her to have acted that way towards me when all I was trying to do was avoid chaos.

That triggered me and I felt like I had to instantly defend myself -- and through a screaming match -- I did. It definitely hurt me the way she approached and handled that situation.

I felt like she could have knocked and then entered and then joined, but she was upset and handled the situation in a way I was shocked, to be honest. I definitely think the fight hindered any potential that Evan and I had.

All in all, I'm not afraid to be who I am or to speak how I feel. Those who know me know that I love with all that I have and I fight for what I want. I'm not afraid to own that. I'm a lover and my life is written by ME every day. I don't let anyone else ever have the pen.

Tune in to follow my journey on Temptation Island, airing Tuesdays on USA Network at 10/9c.
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