Temptation Island featured Evan Smith kissing Morgan Lolar and Kaci Campbell watching the shocking and intimate moment at a bonfire meeting during Tuesday night's episode on USA Network.

Similar to the show's original seasons that aired on Fox between 2001 and 2003, USA Network's Temptation Island reboot follows four dating couples at a pivotal time in their relationships in which they must decide whether to stay committed to each other for the rest of their lives or go their separate ways.

The established couples are John Thurmond, 35, and Kady Cannon Krambeer, 30, who currently resides in Fort Worth, TX; Javen Butler, 25, and Shari Ligons, 25, who currently reside in San Francisco, CA; Karl Collins, 31, and Nicole Tutewohl, 25, who currently resides in Chicago, IL; and Evan Smith, 28, and Kaci Campbell, 29, who currently reside in Los Angeles, CA.

The significant others -- who were at a crossroads in their relationships -- traveled together to the tropical paradise of Maui, Hawaii, to live the "single life," and each of them would have an opportunity to date up to 12 singles awaiting them.

The stakes were high and hearts were on the line, but each exclusive couple seemed pretty confident at first their bonds would outlast and conquer any temptation. However, everyone was taking a great risk.

The Temptation Island broadcast began with the ladies gathering for another bonfire meeting to catch a glimpse of how their boyfriends had been interacting with the singles and behaving on the island.

Shari said she needed to try to stop getting so emotional over every little thing Javen was doing wrong.

And Kaci pointed out she was beginning to feel a lot of regret over how she had treated Evan in their relationship. She wished she had been "more affectionate" and "not snap at him over stupid sh-t."

Katie then watched a clip of John first. John admitted he needed to forget about Katie and try to make connections with the single women on the island. John also acknowledged if he wasn't good enough for Katie, then he needed to move on.

Katie admitted she was kind of looking for a father figure in her life because she didn't have a father in her life growing up. Katie noted that's why she is the way she is and always seems to be pushing for more out of John.

Shari was up next and watched Javen discover a message from a secret admirer on his bathroom mirror. The message said, "Hey baby. I miss you. Come and see me," with lip prints all over the mirror.

"I know that kind of inflates his ego. I know him more than anyone and he loves attention," Shari said.

Nicole then saw Karl hitting it off with Allie Dimeco. He was impressed by her personality and how she had been adopted and raised by a single mother.
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Nicole actually said she "felt so happy for Karl" because he's been through so much in life and she hasn't faced much adversity in her own life.

"I feel like I'm really developing the empathy I kind of lacked for a while and it's helping me find an aspect of myself I've been trying to work on," Nicole explained.

Kaci viewed a clip of Evan hugging Morgan after she confessed to having a crush on him. Kaci said the clip scared her but she hoped Evan wouldn't give up on "something very special" that they had together.

The girls were then shown enjoying some drinks and playing drinking games with the single men in their Mountain Villa.

Matthew Van was feeling dead in the water, saying he really needed a date soon to feel like he was making any progress on the show.

Matt then called Nicole out for not asking him on a date yet, and that really turned her off. Nicole didn't appreciate how Matt had put her on the spot like that in front of a group of people.

Tyler Sabino defended Nicole and told Matt his actions were messed up and he should apologize to her. Tyler told Matt their goal was to make the ladies feel comfortable at all times.

With that being said, Nicole gushed about how Tyler is "genuinely a good person."

Meanwhile, at the Beach Villa, Evan was bonding more with Morgan in a hottub. She admitted she really liked him, and then Evan noted his feelings for her were starting to rattle his cage.

"What I feel with Morgan is real and it's so wild to be in this position. I did not think I was going to be here," Evan said in a confessional.

"I've always taken myself out of the game before I could f-ck up. I feel like Morgan is changing my freakin' psyche, and I'm scared of what maybe could be."

The next day, the four ladies in committed relationships were required to make a choice that could potentially shake up Temptation Island's cast members.

However, it wasn't an easy choice because host Mark L. Walberg welcomed a new single into the mix: Cameron Sikes.

The girls had to decide whether they wanted to keep Cameron in the lineup of singles, but in order to do that, they had to eliminate one guy from the original pack.

Kaci acknowledged there were a few men in the house whom the ladies were not vibing with, so they chose to not waste anyone's time and execute a trade.

"We feel like this person was maybe trying in the beginning and making an effort to get to know us but then has tapered off or kind of stopped trying," Katie announced. "And so the person we have all chosen to trade is [Roman Ratliff]."

Dr. Johnny Alexander thought he looked like Superman, and so he joked Cameron looked like Clark Kent and wasn't going to be any competition for the pre-existing guys at the villa.

Cameron didn't exactly get a warm welcome from the other single men.

As for the guys, they had to go through the same process of choosing to keep or get rid of one single woman from the group.

Mark welcomed Lindsay Jones, who then introduced herself to the guys as being blonde and beautiful -- with brains.

The four men in committed relationships decided to make a trade because there was one woman at their villa whom none of the guys were connecting with.

Karl announced the men had decided to let Cathlene Cheung go. Evan explained Cathlene just sat back and didn't try hard enough to get to know himself, Karl, Javen or John.

Lindsay was excited about the change because thought all four guys were "super hot." Evan thought Lindsay looked very familiar, and she in turn recognized him as well.

It turned out Evan and Lindsay previously matched on a dating app and then she saw him out once in Santa Monica.

Evan questioned if fate had brought them together, and then he noted he was "super pumped" to have her on the show. Monica, however, wasn't impressed by Lindsay, nor did she seem worried or concerned.

The four ladies in committed relationships then embarked on dates with some of the single guys.

Nicole decided to reward Jack Allen for his beautiful poem at the talent show, and Shari asked out Jonathan Luna because he was really funny and easygoing. The two couples enjoyed the day at a pineapple farm, and Shari found herself opening up more than ever.

Meanwhile, Karl asked out Jeffri Lauren for a beach date because she was kind and confident. He called her "a Beyonce type of girl." And Evan asked Morgan out on a second date because she was fun and he found her very attractive.

Katie chose Carlos Tomas Chavez for a date comprised of activities on the ocean because he's the type of guy she's looking for in that he's passionate, funny, and has a good job. Katie thought John lacked some of those attributes.

And Kaci asked out Valentin Osipov for a double date with Katie and Carlos because she thought he was so funny and wanted to have a good time with him.

As for John and Javen, they embarked on a scuba-snorkeling date with Tara Oslick and Allie, respectively.

John said Tara was outgoing and fun, while Javen liked Allie as a person but noticed she also "definitely has buns."

Katie acknowledged Carlos seemed like the best match for her out of all the single guys on the island, and Evan told Morgan he was done dating the other girls on the show.

"Morgan is absolute trouble... makes me a little nervous putting myself completely out there I know I have a connection with. I need to keep my guard up a little bit," Evan told the cameras.

Evan expressed to Morgan how he wanted to take things slow and she needed to be patient with him, and she understood that.

That night, Javen determined Brittney Rose had some sexual energy and her eyes were like a cheetah's in the jungle. He was a bit taken aback by her, by Karl also found her very "smart, articulate and gorgeous."

The single women then conducted a hazing ritual for Javen, Evan, Karl and John. They were asked to do lap dances, body shots, and more, but the guys were afraid of hurting their girlfriends.

Karl and Javen refused to participate in the antics, but John licked peanut butter off a girl's chest and Evan took a body shot off of Morgan.

Afterward, Karl decided to talk to Brittney and get to know her better.

Although Katie hit it off with Carlos on their date, she was still very interested in Wynn Sarden, who had an "alpha male" type of personality she loved. Katie said Wynn stirred butterflies in her stomach and he had the potential to "rock [her] world."

Nicole also found herself tempted by Tyler, but she wasn't sure she could let her walls down in time to make a sincere connection.

Meanwhile, Morgan was making Evan nervous and he noted their chemistry was "crazy." He was having a difficult time deciding how to handle himself.

Suddenly, Evan told Morgan that he only had eyes for her and he was "in it" if she was "in it." After agreeing they were both invested in this new romance, Evan went in for a kiss and had a steamy makeout session with Morgan.

"I am truly going after this," Evan told the cameras, adding that his feelings for Morgan were real.

The four men in committed relationships then met Mark at the bonfire meeting to watch clips of their girlfriends' experiences on the island.

Javen watched a bunch of guys talk about how Shari deserved better and she'd realize that soon enough.

Evan saw Kaci get a piggyback ride on the beach and explain to Val she didn't know exactly what she had gotten herself into. Evan hoped Kaci could stay strong and make it to the end of the show because they had a deep connection and he still cared about her.

Evan, for instance, said Kaci was there for him when his father passed away but he was going to continue exploring things with Morgan.

John caught a glimpse of Katie and Wynn bonding in a hottub, with her telling him, "You are the only guy that can rock my world."

That was hard for John to watch, but at the same time, he had licked peanut butter off a girl's breasts. John was hoping Katie wouldn't stray too far away, because he wanted to be with her at the end of this.

Karl then watched Nicole explain how her boyfriend didn't trust her and receive advice to follow her heart.

Karl admitted he missed Nicole and watching her get emotional was getting to him. The experience so far made him miss her more than ever. He worried about her and was desperate to communicate with her.

"I know how I'll feel if I see something bad. I will be a mess," Karl told Mark. "This is the toughest thing I've dealt with. I didn't think I was capable of missing her to this extent."

The women in committed relationships then gathered at the bonfire to figure out what their men had been up to on the island.

Kaci acknowledged she had basically given Evan permission to kiss a woman before they left to film the show, so she was more nervous than ever about him potentially making a physical connection with someone.

Kaci then watched the clip in which Evan told Morgan, "Goddamn you are something else... I only have eyes for you right now... I think I'm it."

Kaci then saw Evan kiss Morgan, and she broke down into tears as Katie, Shari and Nicole attempted to comfort her.

"It's like torture. I am literally being tortured," Kaci admitted.
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