After an emotional but comparatively uneventful island experience, the four couples from "Temptation Island 3" were reunited to determine the fate of their relationships on the lengthy and drawn-out two-hour season finale on Monday, September 29. Of the four couples who departed on the journey to "Temptation Island," only one was able to resist temptation, while the three other couples parted ways.

Highlights from the finale episode included:

• Eric, a caterer, and Kristin, a student, from Farmville, VA. proclaimed their love for one another and chose to remain together as a couple.

• Anthony, a sales manager, and Stephanie, a hairstylist/model, from Chicago, IL chose to leave the island as friends as they each discovered they were best friends but no longer romantically connected as a couple. According to the post-show trailer, Stephanie is currently living with "single" Jeff -- the first time in the three "Temptation Island" editions that a "committed relationship" has developed between a single and a member of a couple.

• Michael, a bartender/model, and Melissa, a promoter/model/former Miss New York, from Long Island, NY parted ways after Melissa declared she was no longer in a rush to get married and settle down.

• Jason, a massage therapist, and Kara, a receptionist, from Las Vegas, NV broke off their relationship at the final bonfire because Kara "wanted her independence." However, according to the trailer at the end of the show, Jason and Kara have since reunited. Apparently the grass wasn't greener once Kara got back in the real world.

As with previous (but much more eventful) installments of "Tempation Island," "Temptation Island 3" chronicled the relationships of four couples seeking to challenge the strength of their love. Filmed in the tropical Caribbean paradise of the Bay Islands off the Central American Coast, the four couples from across the United States were joined in their island adventure by 28 eligible singles, 14 male and 14 female. Early on, the couples were separated and forbidden from speaking to one another until the final day of their stay, giving the fantasy singles an opportunity to spend time with each member of the couples.

During their stay, the couples found answers to questions about themselves and their partners and at the end of their journey, were reunited to decide if their love was strong enough to survive "Tempation Island." And as with "Temptation Island 2," only one of the four couples proved up to the challenge.

For those viewers hoping for a "Temptation Island 4," given the embarrassing low ratings that "Temptation Island 3" received, don't count on it. But then again, we also said that after "Temptation Island 2" ended, but then a little show named "Joe Millionaire" came along, so what do we know...