The first winner of CBS's "Survivor," Richard Hatch, was charged Tuesday in Rhode Island with filing a federal tax return that didn't include his winnings.

The U.S. attorney's office in Rhode Island said Hatch, of Newport, R.I., failed to report more than $1 million he received for outlasting other contestants on the show.

Hatch is also charged with failing to report approximately $321,000 paid to him by a Boston radio station, officials said.

Court filings said Survivor Entertainment Group paid Hatch $10,000 in August 2000 for appearing on the final episode of the initial "Survivor" series and $1 million for being declared the winner of the show.

The department alleged in November 2002 Hatch filed a false personal income tax return for the 2000 tax year by failing to report the $1,010,000 paid to him by Survivor Entertainment Group.