Survivor featured Rocksroy Bailey and Tori Meehan getting voted out of the game at back-to-back Tribal Council sessions after the Kula Kula tribe was split into two teams for an Individual Immunity Challenge during the Season 42 episode that aired Wednesday night on CBS.

Rocksroy, a 44-year-old stay-at-home dad from Brooklyn, NY, who currently resides in Las Vegas, NV, and Tori, a 25-year-old therapist from Tulsa, OK, who currently resides in Rogers, AR, were both voted out on Night 17 of the game at separate Tribal Council sessions.


Rocksroy, who voted for Romeo Escobar, was ousted in a unanimous vote, as was Tori, who played her "Shot in the Dark" in attempt to save herself but picked the wrong scroll.

Tori felt the need to play her "Shot in the Dark" after both Drea Wheeler and Maryanne Oketch played their hidden Immunity Idols.

"God literally has shown up in such crazy ways in this game, and I knew that if it was my time to stay, that I was going to pick the right scroll. And so I'm honestly walking away with a lot of peace and a lot of gratefulness, because I can freakin' do a lot more than I thought I could!" Tori said in her final words.

The Survivor broadcast began on Night 16 at the Kula Kula camp.

Romeo, a 37-year-old pageant coach from Los Angeles, CA, who currently resides in Norwalk, CA, announced how he had no hard feelings about receiving three votes and he was thankful to still be around.

"Obviously I was lied to. These people are fake and I don't like any of them," Romeo complained in a confessional. "I have to put on a fake, happy smile and pretend that it's all good... when in reality, I want to kick them in the face. But that's not smart."

Hai Giang, a 29-year-old data scientist from Gia Rai, Bac Lieu, Vietnam and Atlanta, GA, also had a vote thrown his way at the prior Tribal Council, and he had an "inkling" that it came from Romeo, who had allegedly promised he's a God-fearing man and would never write Hai's name down.

Romeo claimed he had voted for Chanelle Howell, but no one else owned up to the Hai vote.

Romeo told the cameras that Hai had been instigating things around camp and he wanted to make Hai "squirm." Romeo said he wanted Hai out of the game, and he whispered his plans to Tori and Lindsay Dolashewich, a 31-year-old dietitian from Morganville, NJ, who currently resides in Asbury Park, NJ.

On Day 17 of the game, Rocksroy; Hai; Mike Turner, a 58-year-old retired firefighter from Hoboken, NJ; and Jonathan Young, a 29-year-old beach service co-owner from Gadsden, AL, who currently resides in Gulf Shores, AL, discussed whom they should target next.
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Hai suggested Romeo because he had "created paranoia" and "straight-up lied" to him about the previous vote, which he considered personal. Rocksroy pointed out how Romeo would be an easy vote, but Rocksroy insisted the men should stick together and go after a female castaway.

Rocksroy wanted to make an alliance with the five guys since physical threats are always early targets in the game post-merge, and so both Mike and Jonathan agreed to the pact.

There were six men left in the game and four women, and so Rocksroy also attempted to get Omar Zaheer, a 31-year-old veterinarian from Kitchener, Ontario, who currently resides in Whitby, Ontario, onboard.

Omar, however, said Rocksroy hadn't talked game with him at all up until that point and so it seemed like "a mistake" for him to be pitching such an idea.


Omar told Rocksroy that he loved the idea, but he didn't think he stood much of a chance beating Jonathan and Mike in future Individual Immunity Challenges.

"The way that Rocksroy talks to people makes me upset. He's very blunt, he cuts people off, he doesn't let you finish your thoughts, and you only talk strategy with Rocksroy when Rocksroy wants to talk strategy -- and I hate it," Hai shared in a confessional.

"So he's quickly making his way up the ranks on my list of people to vote out."

Later that day, the Kula Kula tribe met Survivor host Jeff Probst for the season's next Individual Immunity Challenge.

Tori, for the second time in a row, gave her idol necklace back to Jeff.

For the challenge, each castaway was required to balance on a triangular platform in rough water with his or her feet perched on very narrow foot holes. At regular intervals, a player would move higher up the platform, making it more difficult to balance.

If at any point a castaway touched the platform or fell off, he or she would be out of the challenge.

Jeff revealed two people would be winning immunity that day after being divided into two teams of five.

Jeff said both teams would be attending Tribal Council separately and so two castaways, one from each team, would ultimately be eliminated from the game.

In addition, the person to last the longest in the entire challenge would earn beef and vegetable kabobs for his or her team, who would also attend Tribal Council last, meaning the players would have an advantage of knowing which castaway had been voted out hours beforehand at the first Tribal Council of the day.

The Blue Team was comprised of Jonathan; Tori; Lindsay; Drea, a 35-year-old fitness consultant from San Antonio, TX, who currently resides in Montreal, Quebec; and Maryanne, a 24-year-old seminary student from Ajax, Ontario.

The Orange Team was made up of Mike, Rocksroy, Omar, Romeo, and Hai.

The castaways -- battling very rocky waters and swells -- dropped out of the challenge in the following order: Maryanne, Rocksroy, Omar, Mike, Drea, and Tori. They all dropped in under a minute.

Next out was Romeo, which resulted in Hai winning immunity and fighting for food for his team. Lindsay and Jonathan were also still in it for the opposing team.

Lindsay fell out of the challenge next, and so Jonathan won immunity.

It then became a showdown between Hai and Jonathan, and Jonathan won both safety and food for his team.

"Amazing effort by everybody in a very difficult challenge!" Jeff shouted.

Mike said he had nothing to worry about that night, explaining, "Hai got the immunity necklace... I got me, Omar and Rocks -- and Romeo is out. It's easy! We've got the numbers, 4-1, he goes home."


After the challenge, at old Taku camp, Hai's team discussed having three or four hours until Tribal Council.

The group looked for food, and Romeo was upset because he didn't see the potential to bond with either Mike or Rocksroy. He also got into an argument with Hai the night before, and so Romeo determined he was going home and there was no question about it.

Mike and Rocksroy agreed it was a no-brainer to take out Romeo, but Omar expressed to the cameras how Romeo had been loyal to him and there was "less room to maneuver" with the "unshakeable" Rocksroy.

Omar wanted to get rid of castaways whom he couldn't mold or shape into what he wanted.

Omar therefore warned Romeo that there was an all-male alliance that didn't include Romeo but they could vote for Rocksroy and create a tie, with Hai being the swing vote. Omar asked Romeo to trust him and remain calm.

Ironically, the person Romeo wanted to vote out was going to be the person to decide his fate in the game at Tribal Council, which Romeo called "terrifying."

"I'm going to have to trust the one person I don't trust," Romeo told Omar, before venting to the cameras about how Hai was "the sneakiest weasel Survivor 42 has."

Omar then suggested to Hai that they could blindside Rocksroy, but Hai admitted he was concerned about losing Mike's trust forever. And at this point in the game, Hai said he had Mike's full trust and loyalty.

"If I wanted to make an emotional move, I would take out Romeo. But for me, tonight's vote is not emotional, it's strategic. But I don't want to make this move without Mike's blessing, because I don't want to lose Mike's trust," Hai explained in a confessional.

As a result, Hai mentioned to Mike how the game was going to be hard to navigate with Rocksroy still in it, especially as the numbers dwindle. Mike, however, replied, "We can't take him out tonight... because if we take him out, it will show that we're not trustworthy and we would turn on our alliance."

Mike said he's a man of his word and he didn't want other people in their alliance assuming Hai and himself would also turn on them down the road.

"Hai is putting me in a bad position, but Hai is my No. 1 here... since Day 3. So we have to figure out what we're going to do," Mike shared.

Meanwhile, at Kula Kula's camp, Jonathan's team enjoyed a feast.

Lindsay told the cameras how since Drea had a hidden Immunity Idol, Tori may be the easy target.

Jonathan, being the only man on this team, realized he had an opportunity to bond with the women and make a big move.

Jonathan told Maryanne that they should flush Drea's idol by teaming up with Lindsay on a vote. Jonathan told Maryanne, however, that the group was going to tell Drea to vote out Maryanne, which rubbed Maryanne the wrong way.


Jonathan assured Maryanne that Drea was going, but she didn't appreciate being treated like "a young little girl" and "child that needs to be led." Maryanne said she wasn't on Survivor to be a sheep and Jonathan was really getting to her, even though she was onboard with a Drea vote.

Maryanne and Tori talked about going after Drea, and so Tori realized she could still have some hope in this game.

Going with the plan, Jonathan then spoke with Drea about how it would be good to vote out Maryanne and flush her idol. Drea gave Jonathan her word on voting for Maryanne and vice versa, but it presented a red flag in Drea's mind since her tribemates were trying to take out people with idols.

Jonathan also pitched the Drea vote to Lindsay, saying the Taku 4 would still be around with an extra vote to play as well as an idol.

"We can make it to the Top 4 if we play our cards right," Jonathan noted to Lindsay.

Lindsay acknowledged how if Drea played her idol, Maryanne would be out and they'd lose their extra vote and an idol, which made Jonathan suddenly rethink things. Lindsay said Jonathan wasn't thinking things through long-term and they needed a contingency plan to stay Taku strong with Maryanne.

Lindsay therefore recommended to Jonathan that she could convince Drea to vote for Tori since the two women already didn't get along. Lindsay said she and Drea could vote for Tori and then Jonathan, Maryanne and Tori could vote for Drea.

Jonathan worried Tori might tell Drea about the vote, but Lindsay disagreed and asked Jonathan to trust her based on the information she had been fed.

Jonathan insisted that Tori was not trustworthy, but Lindsay argued that Tori wouldn't blab the plan to Drea knowing that she's the other target. Jonathan also didn't think Drea would play her idol.

Jonathan and Lindsay bickered and spoke over one another, and Lindsay called him "an idiot."

Lindsay was then shown telling Maryanne to vote for Tori to ensure Maryanne's safety.

On Night 17 of the game, Romeo, Hai, Rocksroy, Mike and Omar attended Tribal Council in the middle of a storm, with Chanelle sitting in the jury.

The castaways, wet and cold, said they felt pushed and challenged, and they were all clearly very hungry.

Hai told Jeff that everyone woke up that morning knowing what they wanted to do at Tribal Council but they had to change and adapt and go with a Plan B.

Rocksroy announced how he didn't see any sign that what he went into Tribal Council thinking would happen was going to change, and then it became time to vote.

After no one played an idol, Jeff read the votes aloud in the following order: Romeo, Rocksroy, Rocksroy, and Rocksroy.

Rocksroy was blindsided as a result, but he applauded his fellow castaways for making a big move.

"Way to go, guys," Rocksroy said before leaving the game.


Rocksroy immediately took a spot on the jury bench next to Chanelle, and Rocksroy whispered, "Hai and Romeo got together and did this. I hope they freeze."

And then the next group came in for Tribal Council, and Lindsay, Drea and Jonathan appeared totally shocked about Rocksroy's elimination. Maryanne also seemed a little upset.

Drea told Jeff that was "definitely" a surprising vote to her and she didn't know what to say.

Lindsay said Rocksroy's exit changed the game because her team had made another assumption about where Hai's team's vote was going.

Drea announced how she needed to go back to the drawing board because she didn't know what to do or whom to trust. Tori, however, said the twist was good because alliances were shaken up.

"I was so proud because we had four Black contestants on Survivor, and then it always happens where at one point, the Black contestants get booted out boom, boom, boom. That's exactly what this is right now, so I'm pissed," Drea declared.

Jeff asked Drea if this was race-related, and she said it might be on a subconscious level "unfortunately." Drea said it showed her that she must play the game harder, and so she announced that she was going to play her idol that evening in order to stay in this game.

"I'm not going to let that happen to another one of us, point blank. It's a reset for me. This was a gamechanger," Drea announced.

Jonathan then quietly asked Drea what she wanted to do, and Drea suggested they vote for Tori. Jonathan proceeded to whisper in Maryanne and Lindsay's ears, and Tori was clearly left out of the conversation.

Tori didn't seem worried or bothered, and then Lindsay whispered in her ear to vote for Drea because everyone was still splitting votes and the plan hadn't changed. Maryanne, however, told the women on her team how she couldn't write another Black person's name down.

"I'm so sorry. I literally can't," Maryanne cried to Lindsay and Tori, adding how she wasn't okay with three Black people getting voted out of the game in a row.

Maryanne insisted Survivor isn't just about strategy; it's about bring social dynamics from the world into the game. Maryanne refused to become a part "of a perpetuating problem," and she said morally, she could not write Drea's name down.

Drea reiterated how she was going to play her idol, and Jonathan said the discussion didn't seem right because the people of color were approaching the game as if everyone else is racist.

"But obviously it was going to be me, right?" Drea pointed out.

"That doesn't mean it has anything to do with race, guys. That's the game!" Jonathan argued, before accusing Drea of acting aggressively.


Drea said she was addressing her own situation and issue and she was not trying to infer anything about her fellow castaways. Drea said it's simply a fact that minorities are often kicked out first in this game and she didn't want to repeat the cycle.

Drea assured Jonathan that she loved him and cared for him but she was tired of being shut down for allegedly calling out people racist, which she was not doing or trying to do.

Drea explained how she just wanted Black people to be well represented, and then Maryanne announced how she had an idol as well. Maryanne said she was going to play her idol so that people watching at home would know she didn't survive to see another day due to race.

Maryanne didn't want anyone to think she and Drea continued in the game because they had essentially played the race card.

Lindsay stood up for Maryanne and Drea, saying that she was sorry the women felt hurt and emotional. Lindsay also disagreed with the accusation Drea had been aggressive in the conversation.

Maryanne explained how everyone going into Survivor had a one in 18 shot to win the game but due to people's burdens or privileges, someone's chance to win the game may be larger or smaller than someone else's -- a notion which Jeff dubbed "amazing."

Maryanne told everyone on her team that she loved them all and this conversation had nothing to do with their ties or friendship.

Drea and Maryanne then both played their idols for a larger purpose, and Lindsay announced she or Tori was clearly going home that night.

Tori flat out asked Jonathan why he'd like to get rid of her over Lindsay, and Jonathan said she had lied to her and their relationship wasn't as strong as what he had developed with Lindsay.

Maryanne also admitted taking Tori out was the best move for her to make at this time.

Everyone therefore announced their votes were going to be for Tori, who announced how she wanted to play her "Shot in the Dark."


Tori proceeded to grab her "Shot in the Dark," and it revealed that she was not safe!

Tori was eliminated from the game as a result, and Lindsay -- who was completely in tears at this point -- was declared safe.

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