Married at First Sight featured Michael Morency calling Jasmina Outar's lack of romantic feelings for him "heartbreaking," Olajuwon Dickerson questioning if Katina Goode would be enough for him after Decision Day, Lindsey Georgoulis and Mark Maher disagreeing on where to live long-term, and Noi Phommasak having doubts about Steve Moy's financial security during the Season 14 episode that aired Wednesday night on Lifetime.

The five brides who were selected to wed on Season 14 of Married at First Sight were Alyssa Ellman, 30, Katina, 29, Jasmina, 29, Lindsey, 34, and Noi, 33.

The five grooms who are starring on the new edition are Chris Collette, 35, Olajuwon, 29, Michael, 28, Mark, 37, and Steve, 38.


The couples matched by Married at First Sight experts Viviana, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, and Pastor Calvin Roberson are Lindsey and Mark, Alyssa and Chris, Jasmina and Michael, Katina and Olajuwon, and Noi and Steve.

Chris and Alyssa, however, chose to divorce one week into the experiment, and so other than a bowling night with their co-stars, they haven't been featured on the show since.

The Married at First Sight broadcast began with only five days remaining until "Decision Day."

Michael seemed upset because he and Jasmina had yet to be physical with each other or show any pattern of intimacy.

"I'm with a friend right now, and that's not what I signed up for. It's not what I wanted. We have a lot of things to work through. The only thing I can change without her help is me being my authentic self… and however this marriage goes, as long as I'm my authentic self, I can live with it," Michael told the cameras.

A whopping 51 days into marriage, Lindsey asked Mark to take a fertility test to find out his sperm count. The couple was doing "really well," according to Lindsey, but she really wants to have kids someday and so she thought a fertility test would be a useful thing for her to know before Decision Day.

Mark said he's in no rush for "baby sharks" but he was also curious about their capabilities.

Lindsey initially didn't think Mark's sperm looked good, and Mark was worried because he had taken muscle-enhancing "things," seemingly referring to steroids, in his twenties that can affect a man's ability to have children.

However, Mark's test came back positive and he learned he has millions of healthy swimmers.
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"You're going to be a great dad," Lindsey noted.

Noi was then shown meeting with her close friend Supri. Noi shared how she and Steve had great weeks full of fun but then they'd experience a rough patch of fighting.

Noi complained about how Steve didn't think she contributed anything around the house when she just didn't mention the work she had done. She also still wished he would just get a job; however, she learned to acknowledge and thank him more for cooking and cleaning.

Noi thought Steve needed to focus on one thing at a time, with their marriage being her husband's current focus.

Noi wondered if she and Steve had built a strong enough foundation to have an everlasting marriage, and she admitted she needed to weigh the pros and cons of potentially having a future with Steve, which was "a little scary."


Meanwhile, Olajuwon met up with his father figure and mentor, Coach Mack. Olajuwon said his Decision-Day choice was "up in the air" at that point and he hoped to make the best decision about Katina for himself.

"Our chemistry is real. She's beautiful, she's mad funny, she's a business major. She's working on her Associate's [degree] and then she says she'd like to switch to a nursing program after. So we're looking at three to five years still of school," Olajuwon explained.

"I ignored it in the beginning because I just wanted to get to know her."

Olajuwon wanted to be able to travel the world, and he didn't know how that would be possible with Katina's schooling.

"I just went through this with my ex and it didn't work," Olajuwon said, adding how he was "over" school and didn't want to hear anything about it.

Katina apparently told Olajuwon that she could go in and out of school, but Olajuwon said his ex was just like that and he "struggled with it."

Coach Mack advised Olajuwon to think about the rest of his life and ask himself one simple question, "Is she The One?"

Jasmina then FaceTimed with her friend Miles while Michael visited with his three sisters.

Michael's sisters thought the couple wanted the same things and so they were doing too much thinking and essentially overthinking things. But Michael felt he and Jasmina had cleared the air in that area and were on the same page finally.

Jasmina told Miles how she felt "more connected" to Michael and her relationship was going well and in a good place.

"But feelings have still not come," Jasmina confessed, adding how she didn't feel 100 percent confident in her marriage going into Decision Day. "I'm still trying to get a deeper connection."

Michael shared with his sisters how he wants his wife to be his best friend, but not just his best friend.

When asked what was holding her back from being intimate, Jasmina said she just didn't look at Michael in a romantic light -- although there had been moments when she felt a real connection.

Jasmina said Michael tended to reach for her hand and give her kisses on the cheek but she needed him to open up even more in order for their relationship to grow. Jasmina said Michael seemed to be "in his head" about intimacy but didn't talk about it so that he wouldn't make her feel uncomfortable.

Miles suggested Jasmina should have an honest conversation with Michael and ask him to be more vulnerable going forward, and she said, "If I don't feel anything come Decision Day, it would really be, like, a 'no.'"

As for Michael, he asked his sisters what he should do on Decision Day because he wasn't sure if what he had built with Jasmina thus far was enough to carry a marriage. The ladies advised Michael to protect himself and determine whether Jasmina was worth "going on hope and shrugging."


The women could tell Michael's marriage meant to him, but Michael admitted how "that missing link" is important to him and a healthy relationship.

Mark was then shown meeting with his friend Jon when he was 100 percent thinking "yes" or "no" about Decision Day. Mark said his mother wasn't taking care of herself and she probably needed to be in a full-time care facility and he had pretty much moved out of his old apartment.

Mark explained how Lindsey showed up for him and really cared about him but their disagreements were pretty volatile. Mark said he saw good moments and fights every single week, which made his ultimate decision difficult for him.

"When you first meet someone, you don't want to have too many downs. You want to have more ups than downs, and we've had an equal amount. That's why I'm torn about which way to go," Mark told his friend.

Jon thought once Mark's responsibilities lessened and he could return to his normal daily life, his marriage might work better. Jon asked Mark to think about the most recent week -- because that's "the progress" -- rather than the tumultuous eight weeks he previously had with Lindsey.

Jon told the cameras that transitions were difficult for Mark and Lindsey's the first woman who ever challenged his friend in this way. However, Mark just wanted a woman with whom he could grow and enjoy life, and Jon said, "Mark is better with someone else."

Mark wished he could figure out if he missed Lindsey when he's away from her but the couple hadn't spent any time apart.

"There are so many things about Lindsey that are so great, and there are so many things that just haven't arrived for me yet. And that's the difficulty -- will they arrive? I don't know," Mark lamented in a confessional.

Later on, Steve's friend Paria paid Steve a visit and helped him pick out a diamond ring for Noi. Steve thought Noi deserved the ring, and he wanted to show his love in a different way and give her something really special.

Steve appeared to select a 1.5 carat round diamond with an ideal cut, along with small diamonds on the band. And Paria said this ring would send a message to other men to "back off" from Noi because she's taken.

Surprisingly, Lindsey and Olajuwon were then shown meeting in a park for a conversation. Lindsey said they were "buddies" and "very similar" in their approach to relationships, directness, and how they handle things.

Lindsey shared with Olajuwon had there were more pros than cons in her marriage and she really trusted Mark at this point in the experiment. However, Lindsey complained about how Mark discussed his problems with Olajuwon, Jasmina or Michael instead of her.

Lindsey wanted Mark to come to her first with hard situations and trust and choose her.


Olajuwon admitted Mark was probably afraid to phrase something the wrong way, which would then potentially set Lindsey off and make her mad. Mark also didn't want to say something in a stupid way or use the wrong word for something, knowing Lindsey would correct him.

Olajuwon vented about Katina's lack of life experience, saying that Katina was still "learning" how to cook for him. Olajuwon said while his expectations sounded stupid, it's what he has chosen for his life.

Olajuwon claimed Katina working from home was easy and she had a lot of free time. Olajuwon wondered if what his wife brought to the marriage was enough for him.

"I'm not here to be a teacher," Olajuwon vented. "It's up to me to say, 'Am I willing to do this?'... Our timeline is [what] I'm focused [on]."

Lindsey told Olajuwon that he would most likely regret saying "no" to Katina on Decision Day.

Later on, Michael and Jasmina took a salsa-dancing class together, which was Michael's idea to hopefully spark romance and become more comfortable with physical touch. Jasmina thought the class was great, and she said this was the Michael whom she wanted to see every day and grow in love with.

Michael also surprised his wife with red roses, champagne, and dinner after the class.

Michael said if he could go back in time, he'd communicate with Jasmina more and ask about her needs. He apparently regretted creating his own idea of Jasmina's intentions without asking her about them.

"I wasted a lot of time being in my head and creating narratives," Michael said. "I didn't expect to find out so many things about myself, and I thank you for that."

Jasmina worried she had been "too vocal" about her feelings, and so she asked Michael where he stood in the relationship.

"I have romantic feelings. There's no question why I feel like we were matched," Michael shared. "Like, none."

Michael said, however, he'd like his feelings to be more intense and that probably wasn't the case because of the issues they had gone through earlier in the marriage. And Jasmina explained how she didn't feel romantic feelings for Michael yet.

"I'm in a place where I love how we get along. I love how goofy we are, how silly we are, how we get each other, how we have so much in common. But I'm in a place where I don't know if I'm looking at it as a friendship or if it could be more," Jasmina admitted. "And that's what I go back and forth with."

Michael confessed it was "heartbreaking" to hear this and he never expected this romantic dinner to take such a turn.

Michael suggested their friendship could one day turn into a romantic relationship, but Jasmina appeared unsure.

That night, Olajuwon gave Katina red roses and took her on a romantic date before Decision Day. He wanted to take the pressure off and just enjoy Katina and hear how she had been feeling.


The pair reflected on their journey together, and Katina said she didn't have any lingering questions about her husband. Olajuwon told his wife that they needed to make decisions that would be best for them individually and independently.

Olajuwon therefore asked Katina if she thought it would be a challenge for her to handle school along with traveling and having children, and she replied, "If I didn't think I was capable of doing those things, I never would have signed up to be a wife. I know what I'm capable of, and I know the things I want out of life... I know I can do everything."

Katina shared how being a wife is important to her because she wants to have a partnership and family with someone.

Katina said she didn't want to go back to being single again and starting over, and she opened up about the "strong feelings" she had for Olajuwon due to their connection and his "tough love," which she actually liked.

Katina said she loved to laugh with Olajuwon, and he agreed. Olajuwon told his wife that he truly enjoyed her and she had taught him a lot about himself.

"I see why the experts chose you," Olajuwon noted, adding how he was learning a lot about himself. "I feel like I went from a boy to a man, and I couldn't have done that without you. So thank you. No matter the decision, there's nothing I regret."

With Decision Day right around the corner, Lindsey went out to lunch with her close friend Cara.

Lindsey complained about how Mark was "super rigid" and unwilling to compromise. She said he didn't adapt well to stress and change whereas she thrives in that environment, but Cara pointed out how they balanced each other well and Mark seemed reliable.

"He's definitely white bread," Lindsey joked, adding, "He's definitely the sensitive one."

Lindsey appreciated Mark's empathetic heart and ability to feel deeply, but she pointed out how Mark was in a time of crisis and so she never knew what she was going to get from him.

Lindsey said she loved Mark and thought he was great but he wasn't giving her "sparks and butterflies." Lindsey compared Mark to "a wounded little puppy," whom she wanted to help.

"But does the good outweigh the con? And can I be patient... [to] see if he gets better adapting to change as he gets older?" Lindsey questioned.

"Just go with your heart... [and] make a list," Cara suggested.

Lindsey joked about how Mark was her first husband but may not be her last and only time will tell.

With three days to go until Decision Day, all four couples got together to play some flag football and have a little fun. Olajuwon was impressed by his wife, who doesn't like sports, but Jasmina got picked last and didn't like it.

Mark got injured during the game and appeared to pull his hamstring, but he bounced back and told Lindsey that he felt pretty good. Mark really wanted to stay married and develop more feelings for his wife.

Katina hoped all the couples would be happy and come out of Decision Day together, but Michael said everyone should still hang out and be cordial if spouses break up.

Later on, Mark told the cameras how he'd like to build a life with Lindsey in his mom's apartment. He therefore planned a romantic dinner for her in the apartment, with pink roses on the table. Lindsey complimented Mark on cleaning the place well and decorating nicely.

Mark bought sushi for Lindsey because she loves it, but he still didn't like it very much.

Mark thanked Lindsey for caring about him and helping him to fix up his mother's apartment, and Lindsey said she would need a weekend and $500 to fix up the place with new light fixtures, curtains, etc.

Lindsey wanted to create a space that made her feel great and comfortable, but Mark admitted he wasn't ready to throw everything out to make it brand new. Mark refused to get rid of a dresser, but he said he was open to painting so that Lindsey wouldn't feel like she was moving into Mark's past.

Mark shared how there was a lot of love in that apartment, but Lindsey wanted a place of their own -- not to move into his mother and grandmother's place.

Mark said he and Lindsey had core values as people but their hobbies and day-to-day lifestyles were so different. But as a couple, Mark noted they were always able to put tough things aside and have fun.

Steve and Noi also went on their last dinner date before Decision Day.

Noi said she was still worried about Steve not working, and Steve didn't like how she was skeptical of his career and financial security. Steve explained how it took a lot of work to become a sales engineer and he held down a job for four years, which showed dedication and capability.

Steve complained about Noi not viewing his work experience as significant, but Noi still wondered how his work translated into income. Noi longed to have three children and therefore expected her husband to contribute and provide security.

Noi wanted to know she'd have a safe place to live and that her husband had savings, and there was apparently a lot she still didn't know about Steve.

Each couple then spent its last night together in their apartment before Decision Day.

Lindsey said she was feeling anxious and nervous but also excited, and Mark said he believes everything happens for a reason and every new day is an opportunity to learn. Mark told Lindsey that he'd never want to hurt her and he had her figured out, to a certain extent.

Mark didn't want his relationship to continue being a roller coaster, and he hoped he could make the best decision for himself under circumstances that weren't the best.

Steve said Noi had a hard time expressing her feelings to him and that was a big concern going into Decision Day.

Steve asked Noi what she'd change when looking back on their relationship, and she flipped the question over to Steve. Steve hilariously replied that he just would've eaten the pasta and maybe gotten a job, which made Noi crack up with laughter.

Steve told Noi that he wanted to be equals in the relationship and feel more comfortable asking her to do things, which made Noi realize that he still didn't completely trust her and had more issues to work through.

With only one day to go until Decision Day, Katina told Olajuwon that she'd be sad if she left the process single because she never signed up for the show to get divorced. Olajuwon also noted how he'd be sad but the experiment naturally came with risk and chance.

"I'd overcome it and become okay again," Olajuwon told his wife if they split.

"I know I'd be sad, but I don't know the level of where I would be... [But] I really care for you and I'm happy that I met you. I hope you really choose what's best for you... Be selfish when you make your decision."

Olajuwon said he was going to do what's best for himself, and Katina broke down into tears over the idea of getting divorced. She said if her marriage didn't work out, she would feel drained and very disappointed.

Meanwhile, Jasmina and Michael intended to self-reflect. Jasmina feared a spark with her husband may never come, and so she needed to determine if she really just saw Michael as a friend or if there was more to their relationship than that.

When saying goodbye to each other the next morning, Steve said "I love you" to Noi, and Lindsey joked with Mark, "It's been real."

And Michael noticeably told Jasmina, "Make the right decision. Think about our family," suggesting that he definitely planned to say "yes" on Decision Day and wanted to stay with her.

Lindsey said the process had been "bittersweet" and was certainly "a whirlwind," and Olajuwon called his journey with Katina "beautiful."

And Jasmina shared, "I'm scared... I have an idea of how I feel it's going to go, but I feel like whenever that happens, it never goes as you expected it. I'm going to do what my heart tells me. For the first time, my heart and my mind are on the same page, so that's good."


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