Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X featured two Tribal Council sessions and a double vote-off in which Will Wahl and Sunday Burquest went home during Wednesday night's one-hour broadcast on CBS.

Will, an 18-year-old high school student from Long Valley, NJ, and Sunday, a 45-year-old youth pastor from Ostego, MN, became the thirteenth and fourteenth castaways, respectively, voted out of Season 33 of Survivor.

Will was blindsided and voted out of the game on Night 34, becoming the season's sixth jury member.

"Getting voted off Survivor is not something that I wanted on my Survivor resume," Will said following his ouster. "But I am the youngest person to ever play Survivor, and to be able to experience this is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me so far in my life."

Sunday was voted out of Survivor on Night 35 and therefore became the seventh jury member.

"Having to go home this close to the end is just gut-wrenching because you can see the finish line. I know my family is going to be beyond proud of how I played. I slept in the dirt for 30 days, I did challenges I never would have done, I jumped off things I never would've jumped off of -- I'm honestly leaving so proud of myself and I have no regrets about it," Sunday said in her final words.

The jam-packed episode began on Night 33 with Will leaving Tribal Council feeling like a man after making the big move of taking Zeke Smith out.

Bret LaBelle asked Sunday why Will would vote out Zeke before David Wright. Bret noted that Will was acting and thinking like a high school kid even though he thought otherwise. Bret now realized he needed to find a way to stay alive.

Bret and Sunday talked to Adam Klein about how Will, Jay and Dave were the three big threats left in the game. They wondered whom should be taken out first, and Adam loved the idea of the three of them being left with Hannah Shapiro and Ken McNickle.

On Day 34, the Vinaka tribe gathered to meet Survivor host Jeff Probst for an Individual Immunity Challenge.

In the challenge, each castaway was required to race out to a group of discs, stack them and then transport them over a balance beam and through a wire maze. Once all 10 discs were collected at the finish, the players must attempt to roll them into a target. The winner of this challenge would be guaranteed a 1 in 7 shot of winning the game.

In the end, Jay won immunity. He said it felt "phenomenal" and he still had a hidden Immunity Idol to play for himself at a future Tribal Council if necessary.

Ken confessed the tribe would've targeted Jay had he not won immunity, so the vote was completely up in the air. Jay talked to Will about how Dave can't win a challenge but Ken can as reasoning to take out Ken next. Will, however, said Dave is "a weasel" and could win the game over Ken.
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Will therefore tried to convince the tribe to take David out because he'd win at the end, and Bret agreed to cut the head off the snake, and so did Hannah. Will felt he was the one calling the shots.

Dave knew his name was being tossed around and he felt more insecure than ever. He said if Will was smart, he should follow up one big move with anther big move, and since Dave was considered a huge threat, it made perfect sense for him to be the target.

Adam noticed that Will felt like he was controlling the game, and he didn't like it at all. Adam began viewing Will as a bigger threat than David because he managed to put himself in a power position. As a result, Adam told Bret he didn't want to work with Will, someone who would flip back and forth. Bret and Sunday were onboard with voting Will.

Hannah asked Adam if it was the right thing to do since Will had just rescued her from a bad situation at the previous Tribal Council. Hannah was torn up over the idea of voting out Will after he had just saved her butt via the Zeke vote.

The vote was back and forth. Hannah even considered going after Dave at one point because he'd flip at any point in order to stay in the game. Adam knew, however, Bret and Sunday would vote his way no matter what. Adam was ready to make big move.

At Tribal Council that night, Dave told Jeff he had "deep concerns" about being next to go. Hannah explained she needed to work with people who wanted to work with her and take out bigger threats. Adam noted it's a double-edged sword to make big moves because then, naturally, you become a bigger threat and potential target.

Jeff then revealed the votes in the following order after no one played a hidden Immunity Idol: David, David, Will, Will, Will, Will, and Will.

"Have a blast, guys. Good luck to all of you," Will kindly said on his way out.

Will and Jay cast their votes for David, while the rest of the tribe voted for Will.

Upon returning to camp after Tribal, Jay told the cameras he was like the "black plague" because no one could ever get rid of him. He was alone and had zero allies, but the self-declared "underdog" wasn't going to go down without a fight.

Jay acknowledged he had a "ying and yang" relationship with Adam because they loved each other but also hated each other at the same time. Jay tried to plant some seeds in Adam's mind that David would turn on him and eventually win the game if no one takes him out now. Jay also insisted he'd take Adam to the end with him.

Adam agreed to Jay's face that David should be next, but Adam told the cameras his real target was Jay. But Adam knew the vote would be complicated since Jay had an idol to play. All Adam knew was that every opportunity to take Jay out needed to be taken.

On Day 35, the tribe met Jeff again for the next Individual Immunity Challenge.

Each castaway was instructed to solve a block puzzle, but there was a twist! A timer in the form of a Survivor pinball table would be utilized while the players tried to solve their puzzles. They had to roll a ball down the table and simultaneously work on the puzzle. When the ball reached the bottom of the table, a castaway had to catch it and roll it down again starting from the top.

As long as the ball was rolling, a player could work on his or her puzzle. But if, at any point, the ball dropped before being caught, there would be a time penalty in which the ball would slowly roll down a different course, and during that time, the castaway could not work on his or her puzzle.

Jeff explained the players' focus must be split between the puzzle and the pinball table, which everyone eventually found complicated and stressful.

When it got to the end of the challenge, Adam helped Ken win, and Jay obviously noticed. Ken won a spot in the Final 6 and said Jay had to go because he was a strong contender much like himself but 10 years younger.

Back at camp, Adam told the cameras he was glad neither Jay or Dave won immunity. Jay announced he was voting for Dave and begged the tribe to keep him around, at least for two more votes. Adam, however, planned to take either Jay or David out depending on whether Jay played his idol.

Dave told Ken their best bet was to take Bret out in order to keep himself around. Dave then told Hannah that with Ken and Adam, they could place three votes on Bret and one on Jay. On the other side, Dave anticipated Bret, Sunday and Jay would throw three votes on himself.

Dave continued to explain that if Jay had an idol and played it, there would be a tie between himself and Bret. On the re-vote, Dave said his alliance could vote out Bret, sending him home.

Hannah suggested Sunday be the target instead because she's "an enticing goat" and someone like Adam would flip on one of them to try to go to the end with Sunday. Hannah wanted to also split up the power couple of Bret and Sunday. Hannah didn't want Sunday to take someone else's spot in the Final 2 or Final 3.

Adam told Hannah that he needed to vote for Jay, and Ken wanted to keep David in the game because they were close allies, but Adam was afraid of Dave. Adam wanted to put votes on both Jay and Dave to ensure one of them goes home.

If they voted for Sunday, both of the strong, strategic players would be left in the game. Bret feared Jay might win every single Immunity Challenge going forward -- and continue with an idol in his pocket.

Adam warned Jay he must play his idol, but Jay acknowledged there was a chance Adam may be bluffing. Jay still thought there was a chance he could go to the end with Adam.

The two guys also had a heart-to-heart about how they are playing the game of Survivor for their moms back home. Jay was the first person Adam told about his mother battling Stage 4 lung cancer after three failed treatments. Jay immediately burst into tears at the sight of Adam crying, because he related since his mother is not well either.

Adam cried about not wanting to waste this opportunity. In a confessional, Jay confirmed to the cameras he no longer thought Adam was "a weasel." Instead, Jay called him "a warrior."

Before Tribal Council commenced, Hannah told Adam that she was voting for Sunday, but he didn't want to. Hannah considered David a very close ally who would remain loyal to her if she saved his butt.

At Tribal Council, Jay made an argument that the guy who is alone in the game isn't as dangerous as the guy with friends, but no one bought it.

Dave then announced he was relying heavily on friendships and alliances to stay. The tribe agreed Dave was a threat because he works hard around camp, went through a drastic transformation and seems to always vote in the majority.

Sunday then admitted she wasn't a physical threat and so people would probably take her to the end. However, Sunday believed she would secure jury votes despite what others think. Sunday called herself "underestimated" in this game, but Adam noted it was only the jury's perception that matters.

Jay ended up playing his hidden Immunity Idol just to be safe, rather than sorry.

Jeff then read the votes in the following order: Jay, David, David, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday and Sunday.

On her way out, Sunday whispered under her breath, "Dang it!"

The episode's closing credits later showed that Jay and Bret voted for David; Sunday voted for Jay; and David, Ken, Hannah, and Adam voted for Sunday.