Survivor: David vs. Goliath eliminated John Hennigan after a dramatic Tribal Council in which two hidden Immunity Idols were played during Wednesday night's Survivor Season 37 episode on CBS.

John, a 38-year-old professional wrestler from Los Angeles, CA, became the ninth castaway to leave the game on Day 22 through a 7-3-2 vote at Tribal Council.


Christian Hubicki, a 32-year-old robotics scientist from Baltimore, MD, who currently resides in Tallahassee, FL, received seven votes but an idol was played for him, and Angelina Keeley, a 28-year-old financial consultant from Sparks, NV, who currently resides in San Clemente, CA, received two votes, but an idol was also played for her.

"In classic Goliath fashion, David with the sling! Two votes from a distance, it's all it takes to take down a Goliath in the game of Survivor. And ironically, I predicted tonight a brochacho blindside," John said with a laugh.

"I was talking about Christian though! And it ended up being me. Ugh, son of a b-tch."

At the beginning of the Survivor broadcast, the following players still remained in the game: John; Angelina; Christian; Gabby Pascuzzi, a 25-year-old technical writer from St. Augustine, FL, who currently resides in Denver, CO; Dan Rengering, a 27-year-old S.W.A.T. officer from Lake Butler, FL, who currently resides in Gainesville, FL; Alison Raybould, a 28-year-old physician from Leawood, KS, who currently resides in Chapel Hill, NC; and Nick Wilson, a 27-year-old public defender from Williamsburg, KY, who currently resides in London, KY.

The rest of the players were Mike White, a 47-year-old filmmaker from San Diego, CA, who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA and has previously competed on The Amazing Race; Alec Merlino, a 24-year-old bartender from San Clemente, CA; Davie Rickenbacker, a 30-year-old social media manager from Orangeburg, SC, who currently resides in Atlanta, GA; Carl Boudreaux, a 41-year-old truck driver from Beaumont, TX, who currently resides in Houston, TX; and Kara Kay, a 30-year-old realtor from San Diego, CA.


Survivor David vs. Goliath - Episode 8

The episode began on Night 20 after Elizabeth Olson's ouster from Kalokalo. Angelina said she never expected Elizabeth to drag her name "through the mud."

Angelina admitted telling Elizabeth about her blindside was in fact jury management and she got caught red handed. Angelina therefore had to convince her fellow Goliath tribe members she had made a mistake.

Angelina told Nick her tribe she had a moment of weakness rather than a moment of strategy, but Dan wasn't buying it. Alison also didn't buy her lie for one minute.

"Angelina, you slimeball," Dan said.
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"That's where I have even more of a problem. If you're not going to own your mistake, like, 'I tried to make a bold move and it backfired on me. I'm sorry,' if you're not willing to do that, then I can't trust you. So as far as I'm concerned, the first opportunity I get, she's gone."

On Day 21, Mike talked to Christian about how Angelina had been "defanged." Christian called his alliance of three former Davids and three former Goliaths a "strike force" that was comprised of himself, Gabby, Nick, Mike, Alison and Alec.

Strike force's primary strategy was to vote out one of the Goliaths and Angelina seemed to be the main target. Christian said this vote would be a test for his new alliance.

Mike wasn't sure, however, Gabby was fully onboard based on how she was talking at the previous Tribal Council. Christian assured him that Gabby was solid and onboard, although emotional at times. If anything, Mike's concerns made Christian wary of him being a loyal ally.


Nick and Davie then went looking for an idol since David's numbers were down. The pair discovered an image of a palm tree coming out of a cliff, and so they took it as a clue and began searching for the idol.

Davie created a diversion and then Nick went after the idol with Carl by his side. Nick found what he was looking for, but it turned out to be a "steal a vote" advantage in which he could steal a vote from another player at Tribal Council and then vote twice himself.

Carl then revealed to Nick he had an advantage as well, an idol nullifier. Nick finally felt the Davids were no longer underdogs in the game. Carl and Nick then shared the big news with Davie, who also had a hidden Immunity Idol of his own that no one knew about.

Kalokalo then met Survivor host Jeff Probst for a Reward Challenge.

Divided into two teams of six, each player had to hold a 10-pound sandbag connected to a trough above his or her head. If at any point someone dropped a sandbag, the trough would dump water onto the players and their Reward would be washed away.

In a twist, however, each team could continuously redistribute the weight so that if a person got tired, someone else could hold two sandbags to allow that castaway to rest. The competition was just as much about strategy as it was about endurance.

The players competed for a dozen meat and vegetarian pizzas.


The castaways did a schoolyard pick for teams. Gabby was a captain and she chose Christian, Alison, John, Alec and Nick. Mike was a captain and he chose Carl, Kara, Dan, Davie and Angelina.

Dan became confident trying to hold and balance three bags, and then one accidentally dropped. Gabby's team won Reward as a result.

Angelina said Dan was acting way too cocky and thought he could just run his mouth and continue to win. Angelina couldn't wait for his behavior to catch up with him and "bite him in the ass."

When everyone was relaxing and eating pizza, Mike went off by himself to mull over his options, which included sticking with a Goliath alliance or embracing his new group of six.

Mike was worried if he remained loyal to the six, the Davids might ban together, pull a fast one on him and screw him over.

Mike then spoke to Alec about how voting out Angelina would still allow for something to happen that's out of their control, mainly because the game's most dangerous player, Christian, would still be in it.

Mike wanted to work with Christian but he worried about his intelligence and potential back-pocket moves. Mike suggested Christian could wiggle his way to the end.

Alec totally understood his point, but if he followed through with this, he'd be locked in with the Goliaths -- and he wasn't sure that would be best for his game.


The Goliaths then gathered together on the beach and Mike pitched his idea about taking Christian out. John agreed "he's everybody's favorite guy."

Angelina took credit for this idea, saying she had attempted to spearhead Christian's vote before the previous Tribal Council.

The Goliaths agreed Angelina was going to be the decoy because her name had been tossed around so much at the last Tribal Council. Mike insisted a vote for Angelina was the only thing Christian was going to believe.

Angelina realized, however, Christian would rally the Davids to vote for her as well and so if something went wrong, her game could be over.

On Day 22, it became time for the season's next Individual Immunity Challenge.

Each player was instructed to balance on a narrow perch while holding a buoy between two handles. If at any point a person fell off the perch or his or her ball dropped, that would be the end.

The last person left standing would win immunity, while the next person voted out of the game would be the ninth person out and the second member of the Survivor: David vs. Goliath jury.

There were many early casualties, leaving the following five people in the competition after no time at all: Angelina, Mike, Alec, Dan and Nick.

The challenge came down to Angelina and Dan, and in the end, Dan won immunity.

"I hope that tonight we blindside Christian, and I think we need to stay together as the dysfunctional Goliath family that we are. I just hope the Goliaths can keep their egos in check and we can make this work," Mike told the cameras.

After the challenge, John and Dan told Christian they were voting out Angelina, but the Goliaths were on the same page to get Christian our despite him being an "honorary brochacho."

John said Christian was smart, charismatic and social, and he just couldn't stay in the game anymore.

Angelina knew the Davids could protect Christian with an idol, so she was stressed.

But Dan promised her that if that scenario happened, he would play his own idol for her to protect her. Dan told Angelina he didn't want her gone, but then he was shown venting to Kara and Alec about how he wanted Angelina gone --after they take out a David next.

Dan told Kara and Alec they wouldn't need to save Angelina if the Christian plan goes awry because the Goliaths would still have the numbers. Alec and Kara were down with that.

Alec felt the need to go along with this Goliath vote, but since he had a good relationship, he didn't want to blindside Nick. Alec didn't want to lose his trust.

Alec therefore spilled the beans about how Mike had devised a plan to get rid of Christian. Nick wondered what happened to the alliance of six.

Nick then shared with Christian people were lying to him about the Angelina vote. Christian realized the Goliaths might be gunning for him and that it made perfect sense because they could take out a big threat now and "have the Davids on their knees."

"If that's the case, I'm screwed," Christian said. "I don't have immunity or an idol. I have nothing."

Nick then asked Davie to use his advantage to save Christian. Nick said he didn't want to see Christian go, and Davie acknowledged the Goliaths might have decided to pick the Davids off one by one by one.

Davie wondered if they could use the "steal a vote" to make something happen because he wanted to save his idol -- which Nick didn't know about -- for when he may be in trouble.

Nick said Dan was running the show and they needed to weaken him. Nick thought it would be possible to steal a Goliath's vote and tie up the numbers. Nick figured the Goliaths wouldn't risk drawing rocks just to save Angelina.

Nick was flying under the radar at this point in the game, so he was afraid to screw this up and paint a target on his back.

At Tribal Council that night, Mike announced the game was a lot more complicated than seven Goliaths taking out the five remaining Davids. He said the Davids had influence on the last vote and would do the same this vote.

Nick insisted he was loyal to a group of people no matter what happened, and then John said his goal was to get rid of big threats.

Christian admitted he could be an enormous threat due to his "Big Bang Theory" reputation and he managed his threat level poorly. Christian hoped bonds he had solidified after the swap would remain strong and true, but then Angelina pointed out those bonds increased his threat level.

Angelina noted there was going to be a consequence after the night's vote and lines would be drawn.

After votes were cast, Jeff asked if anyone wanted to play a hidden Immunity Idol.

Davie then stood up and announced, "I'm nervous Jeff, but I'm more nervous for Christian. This is for him."

Davie also apologized to his allies for not telling them about his idol and asked for their understanding.

Angelina appeared shocked and looked at Dan and said, "Dan, we have to do it... Dan, please. Please."

Dan then took care of his own alliance as well and played his idol for Angelina.

"That's my angel right there. Oh my God," Angelina said.

Davie then noted, "Good old David versus Goliath."

Jeff subsequently read the votes in the following order: Christian, Christian, Christian, Christian, Christian, Christian, Christian, Angelina, Angelina, John, and John.

Davie and Carl could be seen exchanging high fives, and then Gabby giggled and yelled, "Oh my God," before John let out a laugh himself.

The episode's closing credits showed that Carl and Gabby voted for Angelina; Dan, Mike, Alison, Angelina, Alec, Kara and John voted for Christian; and Christian, Davie and Nick voted for John.

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