John Hennigan was the second castaway voted out of Survivor: David vs. Goliath after the merge, so what type of experience did the season's second jury member have at Ponderosa after leaving the game?

John, a 38-year-old professional wrestler from Los Angeles, CA, became the ninth castaway to leave the game on Day 22 through a 7-3-2 vote at Tribal Council.

John only received three votes, but he was eliminated following a dramatic Tribal Council session in which two hidden Immunity Idols were played for Christian Hubicki and Angelina Keeley during Wednesday night's Season 37 episode on CBS.

The remaining original David Tribe members, however, split their votes between Angelina and John, and so John was sent packing.

"In classic Goliath fashion, David with the sling! Two votes from a distance, it's all it takes to take down a Goliath in the game of Survivor. And ironically, I predicted tonight a brochacho blindside," John said with a laugh in his final words.

"I was talking about Christian though! And it ended up being me. Ugh, son of a b-tch."

Once John arrived at Ponderosa, he was weighed on a scale and got to check out his physical appearance in a mirror for the first time in weeks.

Not only did the buff pro wrestler down two pizzas during his first night at Ponderosa, but he also spent his time on self-reflection as well as talking to juror Elizabeth Olson and doing yoga and some paddleboarding.

How much weight did John lost during his stint on Survivor? How did his reunion with Elizabeth go? And what did he intend to spend his two weeks at Ponderosa focusing on?

Watch the video below for a taste of John Hennigan's post-game life at Survivor's sequestered Ponderosa resort in Fiji.

About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
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