Survivor: Cagayan -- Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty's post-merge Solarrion tribe voted out Latasha "Tasha" Fox during Wednesday night's broadcast of the CBS reality series' 28th edition. 

Tasha, a 37-year-old accountant from St. Louis, MO, was voted out of her Solarrion tribe at the season's twelfth Tribal Council session, which marked the sixth time Solarrion had attended Tribal together.

"Given the start that I had in the [Brains] tribe, to make it this far in the game is just amazing. I'm proud to have been here and it's a blessing, and I fought to the end. I got voted out because I was strong in challenges, and honestly, the castaways were probably smart to get rid of me when they did, because I felt like I had another immunity run in me," Tasha said following her ouster.

Survivor's ninth broadcast began on Night 30 with Kassandra "Kass" McQuillen, a 41-year-old attorney from Tehachapi, CA, being pissed off about another blindside to her alliance she wasn't aware of going into Tribal. Tony Vlachos, a 39-year-old police officer from Jersey City, NJ, had orchestrated the vote to get Jefra Bland out, and Kass called him the "mafia king" because if anyone crossed Tony, he or she would immediately be voted out of the game.

Kass didn't like how Tony was acting, all proud and cocky, telling him that his act was getting old around camp and he was being a jerk. Spencer Bledsoe, a 21-year-old student from Chicago, IL, noted Kass and Tony fighting was great for himself and Tasha's game. Kass was ready to play her own game, not follow Tony.

On Day 31, Spencer was still relishing in the fact Kass and Tony were at odds.

"I'm getting to know Tony more and I like him, but I still think Tony is lying to everyone all the time out here, and he's good at it. Going forward, it's tough to work with him because he's sly, he's playing harder than anyone, and he's very, very dangerous," Spencer said in a confessional.

Kass and Tasha were eavesdropping on Spencer and Tony's conversation from inside the shelter. Kass thought she overheard Tony "talking shit" about her, calling her a bitch and saying he wants her out of the game. However, Tony actually never said such things -- nothing even close. Regardless, Kass hated him even more and confronted him about what she thought she had listened in on.

Tony argued that Kass misheard him, and the pair went at it. Spencer preferred Kass being mad at Tony instead of him, and he had no intention to clear the air. Meanwhile, Tony was just confused and said Kass was "off her rocker," and he told the cameras he hoped his alliance could just stick together to maintain the numbers. Tony also planned to take Kass to the end with him because he believed he'd get votes over her.

"So Tony moved up a level as a player by making two big moves, blindsiding [LJ McKanas] and blindsiding Jefra and using people outside his alliance to do that and not letting people outside his alliance in. Now it's putting a red flag out there that Tony's willing to do anything to anybody. I mean, all the people that went with him were just cult members. I don't want to be a cult member. I want to kill the cult leader," Kass said in a confessional.

Tony tried to mend things with Kass but he had no shot. She kept insisting every word out of his mouth was a lie and dubbed him "an idiot." Afterward, Tony told Trish Hegarty, a 48-year-old pilates instructor from Needham, MA, that Kass was flattering herself and keeping a "stupid grin on her face."

The argument then came to a head when Tony told Kass to write his name down. Kass said she would, but then Tony announced she'd be the one to go home in that case because he had a special idol. Kass didn't believe him, but he was telling the truth. Tony had an idol in his pocket that could be played after the votes at Tribal Council have been read. Because of Kass' behavior, Tony felt Spencer and Tasha had moved up another notch in his eyes.

The Solarrion tribe then met Survivor host Jeff Probst for a Reward Challenge. The castaways were divided into two teams of three, and they were required to race to throw sandbags until one team could completely destroy the other team's wall. One member of each team must then race to rebuild his or her own team's wall with a puzzle on one side of the cubes.
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Tasha, Tony and Trish were on one team against Spencer, Kass and Woo. In the end, Spencer's team won Reward in the form of bringing supplies and food to a local school in order to help out the children.

Kass thought winning Reward was perfect because she was prepared to make new allies in attempt to flush Tony's hidden Immunity Idol.

Kass then revealed her plan to Spencer and Woo, that she wanted two people to vote for Trish and two castaways to vote for Tony. It would create a three-way split of the votes considering Tony and Trish would vote either Spencer or Tasha together. Kass explained that if Tony played an idol, they could then re-vote to oust Trish.

Kass and Spencer shared a common enemy in Tony, but Woo seemed a little uncertain. Woo's lack of commitment frustrated Spencer, however, Woo still quietly went along with the plan and the threesome declared themselves the Final 3. Kass noted the jury votes probably wouldn't be a landslide for either one of them.

"Kass has managed to screw up my game in the past, but right now, it's my best move to stick with Kass to vote out Tony. Because if Tony has both idols, he goes from being a threat to the biggest threat there has been in this entire game," Spencer told the cameras.

Woo had every intention to look out for himself going forward. He knew it'd be hard to vote out his closest ally in Tony, but he definitely considered the plan to make a big move in order to better his own game.

Once the three castaways returned from Reward, Spencer filled Tasha in on the plan and the pair hoped Woo was with them because he now knew everything.

Woo's loyalty to either alliance was then tested. Tony asked Woo if Spencer and Kass talked any strategy or idols, and Woo lied by saying there wasn't. Woo told them that Spencer and Kass both discussed getting out Tasha next, but Tony wondered where that would leave Spencer since Tasha was his closest ally in the game. Tony trusted Woo entirely up to this point but realized his story didn't make sense. Woo also denied the fact Kass and Spencer planned to flush out Tony's idol.

"In my mind, I said, 'Okay, he's lying to me.' In [Woo's] mind, he might be thinking about making a power move right now. I might've been wrong about Woo all along," Tony said in a confessional, adding that he had viewed Woo as a "disciplined ally."

On Day 33, all the castaways met Jeff again for an Individual Immunity Challenge. Tasha had won the last three challenges in a row.

For the challenge, each player was instructed to race out and count the number of items at six different stations. They must then use those total numbers to solve a combination lock. If they pulled on the lock and any of the numbers were wrong, they had to head back out and count again. The first person to open the lock and break his or her tile would win immunity.

After 25 minutes, Spencer won immunity.

Once everyone returned to camp, Kass' plan was still on to target Tony and Trish. The boys would vote for Tony and the girls would vote for Trish.

Woo admitted he was worried about how Tony would react to his betrayal, while Tasha pretended she was certainly getting the boot next. Tasha appeared to accept her defeat, and Tony saw right through it. He thought she was way too comfortable, as she had been scrambling even during the days she was safe with an immunity necklace around her neck.

Because of Tasha's cool and collected behavior, Tony planned to play his idol in fear Tasha also had an idol to play. Tony didn't want to play his special idol just yet, but he was prepared to.

Tasha and Kass then had a conversation about Tony. The girls agreed that everyone probably hated him and he was a big bully, and Tasha suggested Tony was their season's version of Russell Hantz, who is known as one of Survivor's biggest villains of all time. Tasha noted Tony had been running his alliance through fear. While Kass was initially sure she wanted Tony out, the wheels started turning in her head.

"Hypothetically, if everyone hates him as much as I do, it actually can change my strategy. One thing I've learned in this game is, it changes every hour. Now I'm starting to think, 'Is he our Russell who maybe makes it to the end and he thinks he's God's gift and everybody is like, 'You're a total douchebag.' I have to make a big decision tonight based on, 'Can I beat Tony in the final Tribal?' And nobody ever gives the jerk the money, so maybe I'll keep him," Kass said in a confessional.

Kass loved making the decisions and promised chaos would ensue no matter what. She then double checked with Woo on whether they should target Tony and Trish or take out Tasha. Woo thought it was insane but was ready to make a last-minute decision.

That night, the Solarrion tribe's castaways arrived for Tribal Council. They were joined by the following jury members: Sarah Lacina, Morgan McLeod, LJ, Jeremiah Wood, and Jefra.

Tasha hoped people would recognize that Tony was the real threat in the game, and she announced that Tony was responsible for most of the jury members' placement outside of the game. Tony still argued he was playing a game of loyalty and trust, and while there was talk of flushing the cop's idols, Tony suggested that would be a bad move on behalf of his whole alliance considering he could use it on one of them. 

"There's a point to be made that after voting out Jefra, Tony does what he always does. He scoops back to the people in his alliance who were blindsided and he says, 'Don't worry. We're still together.' And they believe it. I'm curious to see when it'll change," Spencer said, adding that he was excited to see in Tony's "bag of tricks."

Very tactfully, Woo noted the vote would be what everyone had agreed upon. Tony jumped in and said he hopes that would mean four votes against Tasha. Kass then announced there might be a blindside and Trish looked shocked.

Before the votes were read, Tony did not play his hidden Immunity Idol and Spencer's alleged alliance looked relieved.

Four castaways voted for Tasha, one person voted for Trish, and one player voted for Tony. Woo and Kass clearly stuck with Tony's alliance, and Tasha was eliminated.