Selling Sunset star Amanza Smith has revealed that she's finally back home and "on the mend" after spending 31 days in the hospital for an "excruciating" blood infection that required surgery.

Amanza, 46, took to Instagram Stories on Tuesday, July 4 to reveal that she had finally been discharged from the hospital after a long health crisis.

"31 days later and I'm out!" the Selling Sunset star wrote. "Learning how to use my new antibiotic machine that will be permanently hooked to me 24/7 for the next couple of weeks. #onthemend."

Amanza's post showed her sitting on a couch while wearing a mask and hooked up to a new antibiotic machine. She was wearing a Georgetown muscle shirt and sweatpants.

Amanza's left arm -- which was previously connected to intravenous tubes, according to her earlier social-media posts -- was now covered with a white bandage.

Earlier this week, the Selling Sunset star shared on Instagram how she was "officially one month" in the hospital.

On June 25, Amanza posted a video of herself walking in the hospital and undergoing what appeared to be CT scan.

"Getting stronger and can walk with a walker to the restroom and around the room a bit when my pain meds are allowing me to do so," she shared.

"Once we just get this pain under control, I can possibly go home. Pray that this last scan is clear and this girl can possibly go home soon. Day 23 and ready to get out of here. Thank you for all the continued thoughts and prayers."

Amanza had her second surgery on June 16.

The Selling Sunset star explained via Instagram at the time, "Part of my spine has completely deteriorated due to the infection and I'll be getting a new vertebrae and a couple of screws and rods in my spine to replace what has been eaten away from the bacteria."

"This is my short caption version of the entire explanation, but it's enough to let you all know the gist of it all. I am in good spirits and positive that I will come out 100 percent after healing in 3/4 months," she continued.

Amanza called life "a journey," and she added, "This is just another part of my already very colorful story and I'm going to use it to inspire others to keep pushing through!"
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The Selling Sunset star -- feeling "social media friendly" at the time -- proceeded to thank everyone for their well wishes, thoughts and prayers.

Amanza first shared details of her health battle with her 1.1 million followers in a video she posted on June 11.

Alongside a video montage of her experience in the hospital set to "Titanium" by David Guetta and Sia, Amanza explained in the caption, "Over a month ago and all of this started, I thought that I had a bulging disk or a slipped disk or something wrong with my lower back that was regular."

The Selling Sunset star recalled being laid out "in pain" at home for "several days," when she "cried" and "took Tylenol."

"I went to urgent care. I didn't know what it was, but after over a month of excruciating pain, I finally started to get some answers," Amanza wrote.

"I got an MRI and a CT scan and then was told that I need to go to Cedar Sinai. I came to Cedar Sinai [on June 2] thinking that I was going to get another scan on my back and then go home. Instead, I was admitted and they immediately started testing me for things in my blood."

Doctors apparently discovered an infection in Amanza's blood that had caused "a great deal of infection to be spread to the bones" of her spine.

"It's called osteomyelitis," Amanza revealed.

Following her diagnosis, the Selling Sunset star was treated with antibiotics.

"They first thought [the infection] was a tumor because on an MRI, that's what it looks like. But the bad kind -- not the kind that's just infection," Amanza wrote. "Everyone was very scared, including myself."

Amanza then had surgery during her tenth day in the hospital to "have portions of the infection removed from my spine that weren't getting any better by the antibiotics that I've been getting for 10 days now, every four hours intravenously."

The Selling Sunset star confirmed in her post she was "still in pain" but remained "hopeful" about her eventual recovery.

"I'm hopeful that with the surgery, my back pain will diminish and the antibiotics -- that they will continue to give me intravenously through a pick line when I'm finally released in a few days -- will take care of the rest of the infection in my spine and I'll be back to [100 percent]," Amanza explained.

Amanza's hospitalization came just weeks after she had a benign biopsy and learned she's free of cancer.

On Selling Sunset's sixth season, which was released May 19 on Netflix, Amanza had revealed that she was putting off the biopsy following an unusual scan of her uterus, according to Us Weekly.

But in May, Amanza assured her fans that she was doing great.

"I am happy to tell you that I am in fact, not only cancer free, but also possibly aging backwards and happier than I've been in forever!" the Selling Sunset star wrote at the time.

"The results of my biopsy were benign! I will continue to be grateful for my health, and even more so now than ever!"

Netflix announced in June 2022 that Selling Sunset was being renewed for two more seasons, Seasons 6 and 7.

Amanza is expected to return for the seventh season of Selling Sunset, which began filming earlier this year and will likely premiere in November 2023, People reported.

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