Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are apparently finally getting the ball rolling on their wedding plans.

The Bachelor couple, who got engaged in November 2012 when they filmed Lowe's seventeenth-season finale, celebrated their engagement party over the weekend in Seattle, where Giudici is from.

Giudici's friends threw the pair the party and Giudici took to Twitter on Saturday to show her appreciation.

"We're BEARY happy to be in Seattle. Thank you to my fantastic friends for the engagement party of the year!" she tweeted alongside a black and white photo of herself smiling with Lowe at the Ballard Annex Oyster House.

"Big party ups to #ballardannex for hosting our engagement bash!"

Giudici then posted a photo of the couple holding up his and hers champagne bottles, which were decorated as a little bride and groom.

Several weeks after Lowe finished his stint on Dancing with the Stars' sixteenth season, Lowe told Life & Style the couple would be making their way back to Dallas, TX, where his business and family are.

Earlier this summer, Lowe told guests at a Children's Miracle Network bowling even in Manhattan that he and Giudici "aren't in any rush" to get married. The couple was reportedly just focusing on enjoying their summer together before diving into wedding plans.

Right after The Bachelor's seventeenth season concluded in March, however, Lowe had been singing a different tune about their wedding.

"We've kicked around some ideas. It could be this summer," Lowe told People at the time.