Rob "Boston Rob" Mariano and his wife Amber have become parents again.

The Survivor and The Amazing Race couple welcomed Isabetta Rose, their third daughter, on May 5, People reported Thursday. She weighed 7 pounds and three ounces at birth.

"Isabetta Rose was born on Cinco de Mayo," Amber told People. "[She] was born with a full head of brown hair and blue eyes."

"She still has all of her hair almost six weeks later, and her eyes are still as blue as can be. Her sisters can't get enough of her. They always want to hold her and I'm not sure who gives her more kisses -- her big sisters or her parents!"

Isabetta shares the same middle name as her older sisters Lucia Rose, who was born in July 2009, and Carina Rose, who was born in December 2010.

"Rob really liked the idea of all of our girls sharing the same middle name," Amber told People. "Many cousins on his side also share Rose as their middle name."

"Three girls under 3 has made life a little crazy at times, but that is what Rob and I are all about. We are absolutely loving life with our three little princesses."
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