Alleged cheating by season one "Survivor" contestants did not come up as Richard Hatch finished testifying Monday in his Rhode Island tax evasion trial.

Closing arguments were scheduled Tuesday and a federal jury will decide whether Hatch intentionally failed to declare his $1 million "Survivor" winnings and $300,000-plus he earned at a Boston radio station, the Providence (R.I.) Journal reported on its Web site. He is also accused of using money from a charity he started for his own purposes.

Hatch's attorney Friday told the judge his client will claim "Survivor" producers bought his silence about cheating on the island with a promise to pay his taxes.

However, Hatch never brought up the alleged cheating or promise in front of the jury and testified Monday he never looked at his 2000 income tax form to see how much he owed, the newspaper reported.

Hatch also testified he was merely reimbursing himself for money he put into his charity, Homeward Bound.