Former 'Survivor' winner Richard Hatch was sentenced Monday to a year's probation Monday for domestic assault.

Hatch, 40, said he planned to appeal the ruling handed down by Newport County District Court Judge Robert K. Pirraglia. "It's a ludicrous ruling, and I'm not sure what's behind the judge's personal reasons for it, but it's certainly not objective," Hatch told WPRO-AM radio.

Hatch's former boyfriend, Glenn Boyanowski, accused him of assaulting him last month. During the weeklong, nonjury trial that began last Monday, Hatch testified that Boyanowski showed up at the Hatch homestead to catch a glimpse of the former Tagi tribesman's new boyfriend. Hatch says he twice pushed Boyanowski down a flight of stairs to keep the man from getting inside his home, where his son and guest were. (Last month, Hatch told a Boston radio station that Boyanowski came charging at the house and "flipped out", and Hatch said he was just defending his turf.)

When asked why he didn't just call police, Hatch said he didn't want Boyanowski to get into serious trouble.

Source: AP