Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian featured two girls, Tiffany and Jamie, transforming their lives physically, mentally and emotionally during Thursday night's episode on E!

Revenge Body host Khloe Kardashian gained the tools from her divorce from Lamar Odom to develop a stronger mind, body and soul. She set out to change others' lives whom she can relate to, as she had been criticized growing up as being the "fat and funny" Kardashian sister.

While the premise of the show is to seek revenge on a person who has caused hurt or insecurity, the participants tend to realize quickly in their weight-loss journeys that it's really about bettering themselves, gaining confidence and growing stronger -- not about impressing others.

"Let's make our haters our biggest motivators," Khloe had said in the premiere.

In the show's fifth episode, Tiffany revealed her husband of eight years -- her high-school sweetheart whom she lost her virginity to after tying the knot at age 20 -- wants a divorce.

The husband, Elliott, told Tiffany that she was no longer the right girl for him, and she was absolutely devastated because she still loved him deeply. Elliott allegedly took an interest in other women when he pursued an acting career, and so despite Tiffany's support, he wanted to separate.

Elliott stopped wearing his wedding ring, but Tiffany kept it on because she believes marriage is "a covenant, not a contract" and she hoped they could get back together. Tiffany knew in her heart she deserved better but she was hoping for a miracle because she just couldn't let go. She therefore thought a "revenge body" would show Elliott what he's missing.

Khloe hooked Tiffany up with celebrity trainer Lacey Stone, who has worked with Nicole Kidman, Kelly Osbourne and more. Lacey worked Tiffany through an intense boot camp before she could take regular classes, such as cycling.

Tiffany started her journey at 156.4 pounds and was hoping to hit her goal weight of 130. Two days before her big reveal, Tiffany was given a custom-designed romper with black embellishments and sheer elements by Hayley Paige.

After finding out Elliott officially filed paperwork for their divorce, Tiffany gathered the courage to remove her wedding ring and try to move on. She eventually got her hair styled by Kim Vo and was brought onstage during a comedy show for her reveal, with Elliott -- whom she hadn't seen in six months -- sitting in the audience.

Tiffany fell out of love with Elliott but took satisfaction in the fact he said she looked "fantastic."

The second storyline of the episode belonged to Jamie, who grew up poor with her single mom. Jamie never trusted men because her father was never around, and she turned to food for comfort.

Although she cracks jokes with people when eating at a restaurant, Jamie said it hurts to know she is being judged and ridiculed. Jamie's friends also allegedly abused her kindness and mistreated her throughout the years.
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Jamie's son and daughter served as her inspiration to lose weight. She also hoped to get revenge on "Shorty Doo Whop," a guy she had been involved with for over three years. She was hoping a physical transformation would convince the guy to commit to her and begin a serious relationship.

Khloe matched Jamie up with celebrity trainer Simone De La Rue, who simply uses movement, a dance floor, mirrors and resistance bands to train her clients. Jamie started this process weighing 328 pounds at 6'3" and felt devastated.

Jamie worked hard but she quickly grew tired of eating vegetables and working out six days a week. She almost quit halfway through the journey but remembered that it wasn't supposed to be easy.

At the halfway check-in, Jamie only lost 24 pounds, so Simone said more effort was needed -- both through exercise and eating well at home. Simone reminded Jamie that losing weight is 80 percent nutrition and 20 percent exercise.

Jamie blamed her lack of progress on stress and missing meals, but she got her act together and pushed through the pain.

After receiving a 24-carat gold facial, Jamie stepped on the scale before her big reveal and learned she had lost a total of 60 pounds. Hairstylist Cesar Ramirez also gave her hair extensions.

Jamie eventually showed off her new look at a party she hosted. She walked out in a giraffe catsuit -- which she had requested -- in order to embrace the fact she's a very tall female with long legs. "Shorty Doo Whop" never showed up, but Jamie acknowledged she's better off without him.

In a post-show update, both women continued to lose weight after filming. Tiffany is dating again, while Jamie is "single and ready to mingle." Jamie also inspired her kids to get healthy.