The New York Daily News reported this week what many have suspected for some time -- that Survivor: All-Stars contestant Jenna Lewis not only leaked her own sex tape, but along with her manager, is actually behind the creation of the Internet website that has been selling the video.

As previously reported, the 26-year-old Jenna and Travis Wolfe, a 21-year-old male model that she had only known for six weeks, eloped in Las Vegas the week before Survivor: All-Stars' May 9 live finale reunion. In an interview conducted with Extra in late July, Jenna stated that the tape represented "the consummation of our wedding" and was filmed during their honeymoon night.

After getting married, the couple returned to Los Angeles that same May 1 weekend, only to (according to Jenna) suddenly discover that the tape was "gone" before flying to New York for the following weekend's Survivor reunion. "I ran around the house crying, screaming, so angry and upset that day," she told the syndicated entertainment news program at the time. "It's a moment of pure terror when you can't find the tape," added Travis.

The interview followed an equally strange early July press release in which Jenna released a statement claiming to be "fighting mad" about the 42-minute tape's June appearance on the Internet -- but simultaneously promoted the name of the website where the video was available for purchase in the release. In addition to her inexplicable promotion of the website, the release raised additional suspicion when it mentioned that Jenna had been turning down "hordes" of interview requests but was "rumored" to be "close to choosing the media outlet to grant an exclusive interview" (with Extra eventually becoming the selected media outlet.)

Strangely, neither Jenna or Travis used the word "stolen" during their subsequent Extra interview, with Jenna instead telling Extra that after "discovering the tape missing" her thoughts quickly moved toward her 8-year-old twin daughters. "How am I going to explain this to them?" she told the entertainment news program -- apparently not having considered such a question before initially deciding to film the video, nor before apparently deciding to not store the illicit tape in a secure location.

The press release came after a quick check of the site's domain registration information showed that the domain was registered on May 3, 2004 (the Monday following the couple's wedding) -- a fact that when combined with the couple's run to the altar, had sparked the initial speculation that either Jenna or Travis themselves might have had a role in its distribution.

While the circumstances of the tape's release (and Jenna's subsequent actions) had already led many observers to conclude that Jenna and Travis had indeed intentionally released the tape, no further details on the tape emerged -- until the Daily News' Ben Widdicombe reported having come into the possession of detailed records that allegedly confirm that Jenna and her manager (but possibly not an unsuspecting Travis) secretly created the website that has been selling the tape.

According to Widdicombe's Post story, Jenna has personally pocketed 70% of the website's proceeds -- which have totaled over $100,000 -- since the tape's June release. The report also alleges that while none of the website's proceeds appear to have been deposited into bank accounts in Travis' name, Jenna's agent, Andre Jetmir, received 7.5% of the income. Widdicombe also quotes excerpts of an email message that Jenna sent to CBS staffers denying her involvement in the release of the tape, stating "You ain't a star until there is a sex-tape rumor. Unfortunately, my manager is not that smart."