They placed first and second on Survivor: All Stars. They are one of the final five teams in The Amazing Race 7. And now, according to press reports, their wedding will take on what's become reality TV's biggest annual event of the year: the American Idol finale.

"They" are Amber Brkich and "Boston Rob" Mariano, who became engaged on the finale of Survivor: All Stars and had previously negotiated to have their wedding televised. According to a story in Amber's hometown Beaver County Times newspaper, Amber and Rob will tie the knot secretly on April 16 in the Bahamas, with CBS taping the wedding for broadcast on May 24, the next-to-last day of the 2004-05 TV season ... and the day of the final performances on Fox's American Idol.

Apparently due to the terms of their contract with CBS, Amber, Rob and their families have refused comment on this report. In fact, even the wedding guests have reportedly had to sign confidentiality contracts. However, the Beaver County Times reports that most of the wedding guests from Amber's home region of Beaver County, Pennsylvania left for the Bahamas on Wednesday.

Local residents had previously spotted CBS camera crews filming Amber's bridal shower on March 5 at a local country club, as well as a shopping trip for a bridal gown. Thus, despite the lack of any formal announcements by CBS or "Romber," locals were watching for clues to the wedding date.

According to the paper, bridesmaids at Amber and Rob's wedding will wear teal gowns. Groomsmen's wear is not known, although Amber had previously told the CBS's The Early Show that she wanted the men to wear white linen pants.

Despite Amber's million-dollar bounty for winning Survivor: All Stars, plus whatever they end up winning on The Amazing Race 7, she and Rob have managed to find a better way to pay for their wedding: have CBS pick up the tab. After the wedding, "Romber" might be tempted to scrimp a little more and use one of the trips that they won on The Amazing Race 7 for their honeymoon: either to Monaco or to London. (The third trip that they've won so far, to the Bahamas, wouldn't seem to be a good honeymoon destination for a couple already getting married in the Bahamas...).

The soon-to-be-newlyweds have purchased a home near Pensacola, Florida, where Rob's Massachusetts-based family also owns real estate.

UPDATE: According to a Reality TV World sources, Saturday's wedding took place during a sunset beachside ceremony at the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort & Casino.