American Idol judge Simon Cowell may be rude to some of the contestants on his reality shows, but he reportedly sure is nice to his ex-girlfriends.

Cowell reportedly gave Terri Seymour, his girlfriend of the last six years, nearly $9 million just before the Idol judge and Extra correspondent broke-up, Life & Style reported, according to

Cowell gave Seymour $5 million in cash and another $4.6 million that was used to buy a Beverly Hills home, according to the report.

"Terri phoned Simon about six weeks ago and finished it, Cowell's representative told Life & Style, according to MSNBC. "Simon thinks the world of Terri, and that isn't going to change. He also understands her reason for ending it."

Back in April, the U.K.'s The People newspaper had reported that Cowell and Seymour had "drifted increasingly apart" due to Cowell's "obsession with work, his refusal to get married or have kids and his flirting with star-struck girls."

According to Life and Style, Seymour had indeed wanted to get married and start a family. However, the magazine also noted that Cowell had been quoted as saying: "I don't want to marry anyone, because whoever marries me will end up hating me," according to MSNBC.

When asked if Cowell had ponied up the cash to Seymour, his representative simply stated that "this isn't the kind of thing he usually comments about."