Ready for Love bachelors Tim Lopez, Ernesto Arguello and Ben Patton each eliminated one of their eight remaining bachelorettes during Tuesday night's third episode of the new NBC reality dating series.

In addition, Olivia Matti, a 26-year-old who currently resides in Sterling Heights, MI, quit the competition because competing against and living in a house with the rest of Ernesto's bachelorettes was taking a toll on her, and she also missed her family terribly. 

"If I didn't feel a connection with Ernesto, I definitely would not be sitting here right now. It was very hard to relax my thoughts because I feel like I was being attacked by the rest of the girls in this house. I want to fall in love but I think at this point, I'm not ready for love," Olivia explained.

"It's a surprise and I'm a little disappointed -- not at her, at the situation," Ernesto said in response to Olivia's departure. "Because I don't want anybody to be uncomfortable because of me. You can't force love, and so you certainly can't force the process of falling in love. I think very highly of Olivia and I do wish her the best."

Ready for Love's third broadcast began with Tim going on a date with his bachelorettes to the spa. After getting pampered, each girl got to pick out a new dress and pair of shoes and then they all hung out by a pool.

After the group date, Tim and the girls returned to the live studio where matchmakers Amber Kelleher-Andrews, Tracy McMillan and Matt Hussey each had to nominate one of the bachelorettes on his or her team for elimination. It was then up to Tim to determine which of the bottom-three women he wanted to send home.

Tracy nominated Christina Rigaud, a 25-year-old who currently resides in New Orleans, LA; Matt selected Taonaya Fleury, a 31-year-old who currently resides in Miramar, FL; and Amber put Hailey Clark, a 31-year-old who currently resides in Indialantic, FL, on the chopping block.

Tim first chose to save Christina. He then decided to send Taonaya home. 

"My journey still continues and I still haven't found what I've been looking for. I'm so glad I took the risk. You can't have any great reward out of life without risk. I learned so much about myself and Matt taught me a great deal. I'm going to carry that with me to the next journey of my life -- the next step. I may not be leaving with Tim, but I am leaving with an open heart," Taonaya said following her ouster.

For Ernesto's date, the girls participated in a runway show. Ernesto's sister Silvia wore a disguise and helped the girls get dressed backstage, attempting to get to know their personalities without letting them know her relation to Ernesto.

Once in the live studio, Tracy nominated Katie Crosby, a 26-year-old who currently resides in Chicago, IL -- because she didn't have another option -- for elimination. Amber chose Erica Larson, a 25-year-old who currently resides in Addison, TX, and Matt picked Mandy Wagner, a 26-year-old who currently resides in Studio City, CA.

Ernesto opted to save Mandy right off the bat. Afterward, he chose to send Katie Crosby home.
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"I just didn't expect it. I just hate saying goodbye," Katie Crosby said.

Ben's date with his bachelorettes came next and he took them salsa dancing at a club.

When it became time for Ben to oust one of his girls, Amber nominated Tarynn Franco, a 26-year-old who currently resides in San Francisco, CA; Matt picked Beth Richman, a 30-year-old who currently resides in Charlotte, NC; and Tracy put Katie Coyle, a 34-year-old who currently resides in Pella, IA, on the chopping block.

Ben saved Tarynn and then chose to eliminate Katie Coyle.

"Clearly I got the message that I need to step out of the 'mommy zone.' I need to stop identifying being a mom, but when that's all you know, it's hard just to cut it off. I can't go back and change anything," Katie Coyle said after her elimination.

"I did the best I could and with what I felt comfortable doing. And so, I feel like I can walk ahead or walk out of here with my head held high and be proud of who I am. And I know that I'll find somebody. Somebody is going to love me for me."