Randy Bailey became the third returning castaway voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains during last night's episode of the CBS reality competition's all-stars twentieth edition.

"I hope it comes back and haunts each and every one of them," Randy said after Survivor host Jeff Probst revealed the former Survivor: Gabon castaway had been voted out of the Villains tribe.  "I never felt a part of this tribe so, you know, good luck to them."

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' third episode began with the Heroes tribe returning from their Night 6 Tribal Council session in which James Clement had continued his verbal attacks on Stephenie LaGrossa before she was voted out of the game.

"Dude, we can't lose to these people, man.  I just want to win, y'all.  Did I say it wrong?" James asked his tribemates after they returned to camp.

"There's a lot of frustration James, I get that.  You could have been gentler, that's all," replied Tom Westman, who had been Stephenie's closest ally and defended her from James' remarks at Tribal Council.

In addition, James "JT" Thomas apologized for deciding to side with the tribe's majority and betray his brief alliance with Tom.

"I respect you a lot Tom... I'm sorry, when we made that alliance that was the first and only alliance I had," JT told Tom in a statement that, based on the editing of Survivor: Heroes vs, Villains' premiere, wasn't the truth. 

"When I found out we were in the bottom of the totem pole I knew I had to do something."

However Tom appeared to buy JT's explanation.

"I feel betrayed by JT but if he does really feel bad about it he may be the guy to keep me alive a little longer and buy me some extra time if I need it," Tom explained.

Afterward, Tom and Colby Donaldson, Stephenie's other former ally, lamented the Heroes tribe's virtuous downfall and their present status as the tribe's two apparent outsiders.

"You know Tom, I don't know whether this game is for me, just in terms of, I don't really want to be a part of it," Colby said.
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"Right, it's hard to play nice after a scene like that, but that's exactly what we need to do," Tom replied.  "To be fair, the game has been ugly, so maybe we were naive to think we were coming back and it was going to be Marquess of Queensberry rules and everybody fighting fair."

"Right," Colby replied with a smile.

"Be smarter," Tom said.

Meanwhile, the Villains camp spent Night 6 continuing to make note of Parvati Shallow's close snuggling with Russell Hantz as well as the growing relationship between Benjamin "Coach" Wade and Jerri Manthey.

"For anybody that's going to play Survivor, I'm going to give you the key to who is on what team: Watch how they sleep at night," Rob Mariano explained later. "Whoever is sleeping next to who -- and I'm even guilty of it --  will tell you who is aligned with who.  Because at night when you go to sleep you don't usually go to sleep next to the guy you want to vote off."

"I don't trust Russell's ass at all.  At all.  I mean he's running around with puppy dog eyes over Parvati since the minute we landed here.  He won't do anything without her," Rob added about the married self-proclaimed Survivor king. 

"Coach and Jerri are trying to do the same thing, that can be dangerous. I know, I've been there, and I know how powerful that kind of an alliance is," Rob added, referring to his Survivor: All-Stars romance with winner Amber Brkich, who he later married after they managed to become the final two castaways in the 2004 edition.

The following day, Coach and Rob both tried to warn Russell that his close relationship with Parvati could make him a target at the tribe's first Tribal Council session.

"You've got to be careful... she might not be the strongest but she's got a lot of friends on the other side, and we see you marching around with here," Rob told Russell about the former Survivor: Micronesia winner who was one of four former Micronesia castaways that returned again for Heroes vs. Villains.

"It's ostracizing you," Coach added.

However Russell brushed off the advice and quickly told Parvati about the conversation.

"If I'm gone, you're gone next," Parvati told Russell as they laughed.

Afterward, Parvati admitted he did trust Russell -- at least for now.

"Who else am I going to be with right now besides Russell?  I don't trust anyone and I actually do trust him even though he's kind of a lunatic," she said.

Meanwhile, Russell continued to privately boast about himself.

"Everybody knows Coach is a big joke so he can go around flapping his jaw as much as he wants.  [And] the thing with Rob is he thinks he's the boss of the camp.  Well I'm the Daddy around here!" Russell said afterwards, continuing his string of thus-far undeserved hubris-filled confessional comments. 

"I have to listen to this fool like he's in control... that's what I'm going to have to do until he's gone.  He doesn't know who he is messing with! Nobody knows who they are messing with around here! It's Russell Hantz, give me a break!"

That night, Russell decided to try pull another page out of his old Survivor: Samoa playbook and disrupt Rob and Coach's game by stealing the Villains' only machete and burying it away from camp.

"Rob thinks he's running the show and Coach thinks he's running the show but I'm going to take control of that,  They want to play rough, I can play tough.  King Russell can get rid of the machete!" he explained. 

"You know what happens then?  Getting rid of the machete will cause conflict in this camp .  Rob's going to go crazy, the tribe's going to go crazy, everything is going to go haywire... [it will mean we] can't eat the chickens, can't open the coconuts, can't start fire!  And that's a good thing!"

In addition, Russell also vowed to steal Rob's beloved Boston Red Sox hat next.

"This is not just going to be the machete.  Old Boston Rob likes that hat, don't he?  I think he will go nuts without his little 'B' hat," he gushed.

The next day, Randy struggled to find any other Villains interested in joining him in eating a giant clam he had found -- which he took as a sure sign of his low status on the tribal totem pole.

"Nobody cared... [and] I'm used to seeing Survivor where... you eat what you can eat when you can get it and you don't ask questions, because you don't know where your next food is coming from," he explained afterwards. 

"Survivor in so many ways is like the real world, you don't get ahead by being smart, clever, hard-working.  You get ahead unfortunately with a pretty smile and being able to schmooze people.  and Parvati is the queen."

Randy quickly found a supporter in Coach.

"A team is only as good as it's weakest player.  And that's why we never get anything done around camp, because the weakest players just sit there and think that they can look pretty and cute and have everything handed to them" Coach told Randy as they gathered firewood.

"Well, let's vote then out," Randy replied.

Meanwhile, over at the Heroes camp, JT determined he had underestimated Candice Woodcock and decided to attempt to weaken her nascent alliance with Cirie Fields by convincing Cirie that Candice had told him that she didn't fully trust Cirie.

"I'm nervous [about me and you] now," Cirie told Candice afterwards.  "I hear... that you don't trust me."

"Who said that... well it doesn't matter who said it because that's not true!" Candice replied.

However Cirie appeared to have completely fallen for JT's lie and refused to tell Candice her who had made the claim, causing Candice to begin confronting the rest of the Heroes tribe members and rustle feathers in a fruitless effort to ferret out the source.

"I don't have any idea what you're talking about.  I just wish that you would just chill out for a second!" a still-riled James told her.

Later on Day 8, the tribes met Jeff for their next challenge, a combined Immunity and Reward Challenge that would feature the castaways facing off one-on-one sumo-style and attempt to use a heavily-padded large bag to push their opponent off a mud-encircled wooden platform.

The first tribe to win eight matches would win the challenge and receive immunity from the evening's Tribal Council session, coffee, sugar, rice, and the luxury items their tribe members been allowed to bring from home.

Although they had lost the competition's previous two challenges, the Heroes dominated the Villains this time around and easily won in an 8-0 landslide.

"This sucks," Danielle DiLorenzo said in a comment that seemed to some up the thinking of her fellow mud-covered Villains.

After the challenge was over, James continued his recent string of unsportsmanlike behavior.

"Really classy," Randy vented after James had sealed the Heroes victory by pushing Randy off the platform with a single shove and then throwing his bag at him.

"Get you're f--king ass out of there," James shouted back.

"Yeah, that was real hero-esque," Courtney Yates shouted.  "I told you you're on the wrong team James."

Once the Villains returned to camp, Randy immediately knew he was in danger of going home.

"You don't even have to be told that your name is on the block, you can just sense it.  I'm the oldest guy in the game, the oldest guy in this tribe, and Russell and Boston Rob and probably [Tyson Apostol] are falling for the oldest trick in the book since caveman days," Randy lamented. 

"These girls can get what they want if they bat their eyes and flirt.  Parvati is a threat right now even though she may be in a minority in this tribe [because] if we overlook her because she's got a pretty smile and a nice wiggle she's going to be trouble when she meets up with her old friends James, Cirie and [Amanda Kimmel at the merge].  We could all pay dearly for not taking care of business right now."

However despite Randy's comments, Tyson hadn't actually fallen for the girls' antics and was instead attempting to convince Rob that Parvati was a huge threat and needed to be voted out of the game before Randy.

"Parvati has too many friends on the other side and they're controlling that game over there.  Randy has no friends anywhere, here or there.  She's dangerous and Randy isn't.  What do you think?" Tyson told Rob as Courtney, Danielle and Jerri sat next to them and listened silently.

"Sandra, come here.  Are you hearing this?" Rob called to Sandra Diaz-Twine who was also nearby.

"I heard him, it has to be a group effort.  It can't be two or three... it has to be the majority," Sandra replied.  "Randy's weak, why would we want to weaken our tribe?"

"I just know she has a ton of friends over there," Tyson repeated.

"I'd rather take Randy out rather than Parvati," Rob replied.

"So let's make a decision, people are coming," Tyson urged.

But in the meantime, Coach was also making it clear that he hadn't fallen for Parvati's last-minute attempts to influence him with her flirting.

"She thinks that she can bat her eyelashes and wiggle her hips and roll down a very short bathing suit already to make it even more skimpy and everybody will follow her around.  Well maybe Russell will.  Maybe other people will.  Maybe Tyson will.  I sure as hell won't," he vented in a confessional.

However Coach didn't find any support for his plan to save Randy and boot Parvati when he approached Sandra alone afterwards.

"I'm going to tell you like this:  I'm not in trouble, therefore... all I'm going to do 'Where is everybody at?' and 'Boom!' it's done, that's it," she said, echoing the "any name but mine" behavior she had employed during her winning run on Survivor: Pearl Islands.

"If they all want him out that's what I'll do.  If they all want her out, that's who I'll write.  That's it."

In addition, Jerri also hadn't changed her feelings about Parvati.

"Parvati is like a virus.  That girl needs to go.  She has a way of roping people in even when they don't want anything to do with her.. I want to find out how to bottle that up  and use it in my real life because it's pretty powerful stuff," she confessed.

"Moments like that drive me up the wall!  That girl thinks that she cam make people do whatever she wants," Jerri added after Parvati publicly confronted her and attempted to force her to reveal who she wanted the tribe to vote off instead of Randy. 

"I'm at the point now where every time I'm around her I just want to punch her in the face."

Parvati admitted the dislike was mutual.

"Jerri's annoying.I mean she's the fakest Fakey McGee I've ever met... she's just a bitter old cougar and I think her days are numbered too," she confessed.

Meanwhile, Randy told Coach the smart move was so obvious he wasn't even going to campaign to stay.

"I loved it when I saw Stephenie gone because that should make it clear to you [that Parvati's former Micronesia allies are controlling the Heroes].  It should make it clear to Rob.   If you guys don't see that, you're next... this is Micronesia 2.0 and if you guys don't see that I don't want to play the game with you anymore, I really don't," he said. 

"I'm not going to scramble today like a dead man walking because if I am a dead man walking I'll see you in Loser's Lodge.  I'll buy you a beer."

Things eventually began looking so grim for Randy that Coach felt the need to begin citing Martin Luther King before the tribe left for Tribal Council.

"There's nobody out here that's honorable anymore.  Except for me.  I hate to pontificate about that, but Martin Luther King says that the greatest measure of a man is not in the way he handles times of comfort but in the way he rises in controversy and challenge," he said.

"There's always hope.  The last thing we have in life or in this game is hope that the impossible happens, that we dare to dream that Randy is going to wake up in this camp tomorrow.  So yes there's still hope.  While I still have a breath and a brain cell in my brain I will fight for him."

However Coach's hopes and dreams weren't enough and Randy was voted off via a unanimous 9-1 vote once the Villains voted at Tribal Council.

Since he knew his fate had already been determined, Randy cast his own Tribal Council vote for Rob.

"It was definitely a mistake for this tribe not to vote out Parvati but I knew Parvati wasn't going to go home so I decided to shoot a bullet Rob's way to send a little message.  Whether anybody gets that message, I don't know," he explained afterwards.