Jam! Showbiz reports that two of the three finalists in CBS's 'Big Brother 4' spent much of their time during Monday night's live Internet broadcast making racist comments about the third contestant and insulting his young daughter, leading many viewers of the show to protest that one of the two is likely to emerge from the house as the victor.

NOTE: This post contains spoiler information that has not yet been broadcast by CBS. Don't read if you don't want to know! In addition, the comments contain rough language.

During the Monday night Webcast, houseguests Alison Irwin and Jun Song, who have spent much of their private time belittling the other contestants, really turned up the vitriol when discussing Robert Roman, the third finalist, a Californian of Cuban ancestry, and his daughter Elena. They were particularly incensed that Robert, in an effort to save himself, had tried to split up their partnership.

Allison told Jun that she would "vote to evict [Robert's] sorry motherfucking Cuban ass" on Wednesday. Jun, of Asian ancestry herself, told Allison that they would send Robert "back on a boat to Cuba," then assaulted his Latino immigrant heritage. Said Jun, who claims to be an "investment manager" in the real world, "His father should've stayed in Cuba. His family is like...No speaky English."

Jun also ranted about a butterfly that Robert had made for little Elena as a present. "That bitch is never going to see it," she said. "Elena's butterfly? I'm sorry. That bitch can forget about that fucking butterfly. I'll tear that shit apart."

This behavior is consistent with previous outrageous actions by Alison and Jun. Earlier this week, Alison had called Robert a "Cuban faggot." No wonder Robert has consistenly won the "America's Choice" competition during Big Brother 4 as the most popular contestant.

Although the producers of Big Brother 4 blacked out the feeds so that Internet viewers could not see the winner of the third part of the head-of-household competition, the comments of Alison and Jun indicate that they control the HOH power -- which makes Robert's eviction during the Wednesday, Sept. 17 show a certainty. Whether the "politically incorrect" behavior of Jun and Alison will affect viewer interest in the finale showdown between them will be known shortly. Maybe CBS can bill the finale as the debut of Archie Bunker's daughters.

Alison and Jun's behavior has certainly influenced Big Brother fans, who are almost as cruel toward them as they are toward everyone else. Visitors to the Reality TV World message boards describe them as "juvenile and vicious," "paranoid," and "sickening," among other comments. As viewer FesterFan1 put it, "They are the fakest human beings on the planet, and Ali is their ringmaster."

The Reality TV World posters aren't alone. Jam! Showbiz notes that many others have expressed similar disgust toward the final two. One of its chatters expressed a thought that many of us have had: "I wish the producers would show the evicted HouseGuests tapes of the comments that Ali and Jun are making. I'm not sure what good it would do but it would certainly make for interesting television," wrote Kelsey. We agree. We'd like to see it tonight. CBS, are you listening?