CBS has released the full roster of former Big Brother contestants, as well as an episode airdate, for their previously announced special Big Brother-themed episode of the network's Yes, Dear, Monday night comedy. Airing on Monday, October 20 at 8PM ET, the Yes, Dear, episode will see Jimmy (played by Mike O'Malley) disqualified as contestant from the "Big Brother" house as a result of Greg’s (Anthony Clark) shenanigans.

In the episode, when Jimmy, a television studio security guard, is chosen to appear as a Big Brother houseguest, the family is completely supportive, especially Greg, who hopes that if Jimmy wins, he and Christine (Jimmy's wife) will finally move out of Greg's guest house. But when Greg and the family see Marcellas and the other houseguests forming an alliance against Jimmy on the live telecast, Greg panics and breaks into the house to warn Jimmy that he is going to be evicted, thus ruining Jimmy’s master plan to win the game.

Big Brother host Julie Chen will also be appearing as herself as she reprises her role as series host. Additionally, actor Robert Klein (Two Weeks Notice) appears as himself in a cameo on Jimmy’s Big Brother audition tape.

The eleven former Big brother houseguests who will be appearing are:

• Amy Crews
• Lisa Donahue
• Justin Giovinc
• Hardy Hill
• Alison Irwin
• Will Kirby
• Roddy Mancuso
• Michelle Maradie
• Nathan Marlow
• Marcellas Reynolds
• Jun Song