Rachel Lindsay has three bachelors left, but only two of them will be ready to take their relationship to the next level after meeting her family on The Bachelorette's next episode.

The Bachelorette viewers just watched Rachel visit Peter Kraus, Bryan Abasolo, Dean Unglert and Eric Bigger's hometowns, after which she sent Dean packing.

"As anxious as I seemed going to visit these guys' hometowns, next week I'll be taking them into my family's home and it is just as nerve-racking. My father may be the judge, but the rest of my family can be just as intimidating," Rachel wrote in her People blog.

After visiting Colorado, Maryland, Florida and Wisconsin, Rachel touched down in her hometown of Dallas, TX, where she will be introducing Eric, Peter and Bryan to her loved ones. At this point in her journey, Bryan is the only suitor who has flat out told Rachel, "I love you."

The 32-year-old attorney said of her family, "You'll be surprised who they like, who they question and who I have to stick up for. Three men walk into my home and only two leave with a blessing for marriage."

Rachel didn't clarify whether that means all three bachelors asked for her parents' permission to propose marriage and only two received it -- or only two suitors requested a blessing to begin with.

But either way, one man will be dragging behind the other two after the meet and greets.

"At this stage in my journey, the goodbyes will only get harder. Sending Dean home in Dallas was just about one of the hardest goodbyes I've had in my life, but nothing will compare to the soul-wrenching goodbye I have in Spain," Rachel teased of her next elimination.

Regardless of whom Rachel decides to send home next, the intelligent beauty apparently made decisions that were best for her.

"This journey is coming to a close, and while I sit here and write to you all a happy engaged woman -- it was not an easy road to get here. So see you guys next week, things are about to get REAL!" Rachel wrote in her blog.

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