Don't look now, but former supermodel and actress Rachel Hunter is back on reality TV again.

TBS has announced that Hunter, who was part of the celebrity judging panel of ABC's critically-panned Are You Hot? reality series, will star as pampered movie star Ginger in its upcoming The Real Gilligan's Island reality update of the classic 1960's sitcom.

Apparently hoping that the public forgot about her previous association with 2003's disastrous Are you Hot? (which even ABC itself later admitted was "in bad taste") the 35-year-old Hunter told USA Today that "I've always wanted to do a reality show, and this was just the perfect adventure."

"Honestly, some of the things that happen will absolutely shock people," Hunter added. "It's very unlike what people think of Gilligan's Island... people will absolutely be entertained."

Reality television producer Mike Fleiss, who shot to fame with ABC's The Bachelor, is the executive producer of both The Real Gilligan's Island and Are You Hot?. "She's one of the coolest chicks around," Fleiss gushed to the paper.

"She looks terrific," added Sherwood Schwartz, the 88-year-old creator of the original 60's sitcom who teamed with Fleiss to executive produce 2004's The Real Gilligan's Island reality update. "She takes advantage of her celebrity to ask for things a normal girl wouldn't ask for. She's playing to win."

A New Zealand native, Hunter catapulted to fame with 1989's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, and quickly became one of the most photographed cover models in the world. In the early '90s she embarked on her career as an actress, with numerous guest-starring roles on The Drew Carey Show, Mad About You and Suddenly Susan, as well as her own successful workout video.

More recently Hunter, who's had an on-again-off-again marriage to aging rocker Rod Stewart since 1990, has appeared in several smaller films including 2000's Two Shades of Blue, 2001's Rock Star, and 2002's Redemption of the Ghost. Younger fans probably know her best from her title role as "Stacey's Mom" in Fountains of Wayne's music video of the their 2003 hit single of the same name.