CBS might not yet be ready to release any The Amazing Race 7 cast information, but apparently Race creator and executive producer Bertram van Munster has no such qualms.

In an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, van Munster confirmed the The Amazing Race 7 casting rumor that has circulated for months -- that Survivor: All-Stars winner Amber Brkich and fiance Rob Mariano comprise one of the teams competing in the million dollar race around the world.

"They're a very strong team, very competitive," said Bertram van Munster. "You see them as a team rather than as singles competing," he added, noting how The Amazing Race differs from Survivor. "I'm sure they had intimate discussions we didn't hear, but they're a strong team. They work well together." revealed Elise Doganieri, van Munster's wife and The Amazing Race's other co-creator.

Rob and Amber had openly campaigned for an opportunity to participate in The Amazing Race during several of their seemingly endless post-Survivor: All-Stars appearances. The couple will become the second team containing a previous reality show contestant to compete in The Amazing Race, but the first in which both team members are former reality show contestants.

Alison Irwin, Big Brother 4's unpopular runner-up, competed in The Amazing Race 5, however she was accompanied by Donny Patrick, the hometown boyfriend that she frequently mentioned while confined within the CBS summer home. The duo proved to be poor competitors, arguing bitterly and quickly becoming the second team to be eliminated -- an event that also marked the end of the couple's relationship.

While it's unknown how Amber and Rob performed, unlike Alison and Donny, their relationship seemingly survived. Survivor producer Mark Burnett confirmed to the paper that couple's engagement was still on, stating that "I'm working on their wedding." Burnett had been in discussions to televise the wedding (a la ABC's broadcast of original Bachelorette Trista Ryan marrying Ryan Sutter) since last summer. According to Burnett, the wedding will air on CBS as either a May sweeps special or short-run summer series.

Reached by Reality TV World on Monday, a CBS spokesperson had no comment on either van Munster or Burnett's statements.