NBC is fattening up The Biggest Loser. The network has announced that in addition to the already announced The Biggest Loser 2 sequel that will air this summer, it's adding a spin-off to the series. Featuring themed stand-alone episodes, the spin-off will pit groups of varying sizes battling against each other in an effort to lose weight.

According to NBC, the subtitle of each self-contained episode will reflect the groups competing in the episode. For example, an example featuring residents of two different towns will be titled The Biggest Loser: Town vs. Town. Other planned editions include family vs. family, bride vs. bride, and co-workers vs. co-workers.

"The success of the first Biggest Loser competition proved that viewers are hungry for original and emotional storytelling. Likewise, the unique format of our new series' themed and closed-ended episodes will help us cast a wider net to reach a more diverse group of people," stated Craig Plestis, NBC's Senior Vice President of Alternative Programs and Development.

While both the sequel and the spin-off will be produced by The Biggest Loser's original production team, the production of Loser 2 will not be effected by the new spin-off. Like its original season, The Biggest Loser 2 will feature individual overweight contestants competing to lose weight in safe and recommended manner through comprehensive diet and exercise. Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper will return as the show's trainers, with Caroline Rhea also returning as the show's host.

A different host and trainers will be announced for the special stand-alone episodes.

"The possible combinations of contestant teams for the new spin-off are practically endless," said executive producer Dave Broome. "Among the other combinations we are prepping are teachers vs. students, doctors vs. nurses, co-workers vs. co-workers, in-laws vs. in-laws, best friends vs. best friends, and firefighters vs. police squads."

"Reveille is thrilled to be expanding The Biggest Loser franchise. Our first season showed that 'aspirational' and positive television can deliver huge audiences," said Ben Silverman, the CEO of Loser's Reveille production company. "We believe both season two and this new extension of the franchise will allow for great emotional storytelling and encouraging everyday people across America to tackle the very real problem of obesity."