NBC has announced that it has tweaked its schedule for its upcoming The Biggest Loser Special Edition series, deciding to launch the show's six-week run with a two-hour premiere on Wednesday, January 4 at 8PM ET/PT and instead preempt the show's January 25 broadcast.

The network has also revealed several other new details about The Biggest Loser Special Edition, including the fact that, despite its previous announcements stating otherwise, Loser trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels and host Caroline Rhea will all participate in the spinoff series and each episode of the spinoff series will be neither self-contained nor stand-alone.

Instead, each The Biggest Loser Special Edition edition will consist of two one-hour episodes. The first episode will feature the edition's two competing teams undergoing ten days of training with Bob and Jillian at The Biggest Loser's ranch, ending with a weigh-in and the awarding of a prize. After that, the second episode will follow the contestants as they continue to attempt to lose weight in the real world and reveal the identity of the team that has lost the greatest percentage of weight and won the competition's $50,000 grand prize. Like the show's regular editions, Caroline will host the The Biggest Loser Special Edition productions.

The Biggest Loser Special Edition's special two-hour premiere will be "Family vs. Family," a battle between The Muha family from Tampa, FL and The Samuel family from Atlanta, GA.

The next week, the show will begin settle into its regular 9PM ET/PT time period with the broadcast of Part 1 of "Engaged Couples," a competition between Steve and Sarah from Allentown, PA vs. Edwin and Rasha from Portland, OR. Instead of a $50,000 cash prize, the winning couple will receive "a dream wedding worth $50,000" (and given that its components were likely largely donated by product sponsors, the prize probably cost the show's producers very little.) Part 2 will air the following week on January 18.

When the show returns on February 1, The Biggest Loser Special Edition will cap off its six-episode pre-Olympic run with the broadcast of Part 1 of "The "Little Italy Family" vs. 1950s "Diner" Family." Two restaurant families, The Sapienza family from Bronx, NY and The Senti family from Peoria, IL, will compete for the chance to win a family vacation along with the $50,000 prize.