Even though the deal isn't finalized yet, Bravo's reality smash Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is well on its way to preparing for its expanded second season.

According to TV Guide's "The Robins Report", the producers have received requests from over 7,500 straight men for a "makeover" by the Fab Five. How will the producers determine which ones to film, so that the show doesn't go the way of prior reality "flashes-in-the-pan" like Temptation Island or The Osbournes, which once shone brightly but now have dimmed? According to one insider, the producers hope that choosing straight guys with "a dramatic story to tell" will keep the show on top.

An example? The insider cited the episode "about the Port Authority cop getting a makeover so he can reignite his romance with his model girlfriend." (A summary of that episode is available here.) We wonder if the "dramatic story" related more to the guy's Port Authority background, which was not shown at all, or, instead, to his "model girlfriend," who went on a "sneaky" shopping trip with Fab Five fashion expert Carson Kressley during the show...

In addition, making 40 episodes will require a lot more production talent, since production planning, production and post-production will all be taking place simultaneously. Thus, Queer Eye has added a new director, Brendon J. Carter, who previously worked on MTV's The Osbournes and probably looks forward to working with people who can utter complete sentences without including an obscenity. The show also claims to have beefed up its production staff. We hope that the new staffers come up with a good way to pick the 40 most interesting "dramatic stories" out of the 7,500 choices.