ABC has announced that the rules for the "Push, Nevada" game will be posted on prior to the broadcast of the first episode of the program on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17.

Viewers can participate in the series on two levels. They can enjoy the mystery of the critically acclaimed drama and its quirky characters, and try to figure out whodunit. And, if they chose, they can take on the challenge of playing the Push, Nevada Game, a clue-based game with a potential prize of more than $1 million. Each episode of the series will give hints pointing to a weekly clue to be used in the Game. Viewers correctly deducing all the Game clues will be equipped with the information needed to unlock the puzzle to win the $1 million plus prize.

"Push, Nevada" stars Derek Cecil as Jim Prufrock and Scarlett Chorvat as Mary. Recurring stars are Liz Vassey as Dawn, Eric Allan Kramer as Sheriff Gaines, Melora Walters as Grace and Raymond J. Barry as Sloman. Sean Bailey, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Chris Moore are executive producers of "Push, Nevada," which is from LivePlanet in association with Touchstone Television.