Phillip Phillips is out of the hospital and getting back into his routine.

The eleventh-season American Idol champion was released from the hospital on Sunday after recovering there for about four days since he successfully underwent kidney surgery on June 6 in Los Angeles, E! News reported

"I'm out of the hospital and back to work! Looking forward to the future," Phillips, who signed autographs for fans yesterday, told E! News.

Phillips was reportedly in far worse shape going into his operation that previously known, as his surgery took almost seven hours to complete.

In addition to removing large kidney stones that couldn't be passed naturally, a congenital condition which caused his right kidney to basically stop functioning, Phillips had to have a stent cut out with a laser because since it was in place for so long it was embedded in his body, TMZ reported. Phillips had the stent put in at the beginning of the Idol season as a temporary solution until he could go under the knife.

Phillips is hoping to be fully recovered by July 6, which marks the beginning of the American Idol tour. The tour kicks off in Detroit, and the 21-year-old from Leesburg, GA is reportedly expected to perform in all 45 shows alongside his fellow former Top 10 contestants. 

"If I can sing with all those kidney stones in me, I can make the first date," Phillips said, according to TMZ.

Phillips underwent eight different surgeries for his kidney issues during his run on American Idol. The singer's father, also named Phillip Phillips, told People that Idol viewers didn't even get to see his son's full potential in the competition because he was constantly feeling under the weather.