Peter Kraus apparently blew Rachel Lindsay away on The Bachelorette star's first one-on-one date of the season.

"I got to take Peter on my very first one-on-one date! Peter struck me as a man who is incredibly down to earth -- especially for being so handsome," Rachel wrote in her People blog of the 31-year-old personal trainer and business owner from Madison, WI.

"The way his hands were shaking when he first met me the first night was so endearing. Our conversations and romantic moments flowed with an ease that was completely different than any other relationship I've had before."

Before enjoying a romantic dinner together, Rachel introduced Peter to her adorable dog Copper, and the trio spent a day at a festival for dogs called Bark Fest.

"I couldn't help but tease him about this date actually being a two-on-one and I knew if we were going to work I had to introduce him to the other man in life," Rachel said, referencing how she scared Peter a little bit into thinking another guy significant in the Bachelorette's life would be joining them on their date.

"He seemed a little confused and nervous until my dog Copper jumped out of his chauffeured car and ran up the tarmac into the private jet. Peter seemed to win over Copper just as fast as he won me over."

Rachel revealed that she saw a sweet and selfless side of Peter during their date when he made a gesture that didn't get edited into Monday night's episode.

"Among all the doggy fun, Peter did something off camera that made me cry tears of happiness. Without telling me or anyone else he snuck away from the date to give a homeless man his sandwich. Take the rose Peter, it's all yours," Rachel wrote in her blog.

The couple's date concluded with a romantic fireworks show and passionate kiss. Rachel saw immense romance in their potential, while Peter even gushed about how he could envision a future with the 32-year-old Dallas attorney.

"The fireworks were going off in my heart long before the real ones shot off into the desert night sky," Rachel noted.  

Rachel said during the latest The Bachelorette episode that Peter gave her butterflies in her stomach, which is a rare feeling for her to experience.