The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay is dishing her feelings on the feud that's unfolding between Lucas Yancey and Blake Elarbee on the show.

"Blake warned me Lucas was not genuine, Lucas warned me Blake was watching him sleep and doing shameful things with produce from the kitchen. I like a corny joke, but Lucas had run out of good material -- or maybe it was just never there -- and Blake spent so much time focused on getting back at Lucas for past sleights instead of on me, I was really questioning his intentions," Rachel wrote in her People blog.

Blake immediately began hating on Lucas during The Bachelorette's Season 13 premiere, and Lucas didn't appreciate the fact he was being judged. Blake accused Lucas of coming onto the show to make a name for himself in comedy, not to genuinely compete for Rachel's heart.

From a viewer's perspective, it certainly doesn't help that Lucas loves to be the center of attention when he yells "whaaaaboooom" all the time.

Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher certainly "wasn't feeling Lucas' comedy bits" during the season's first "husband material" group date, according to Rachel, but the Bachelorette apparently didn't mind his behavior, at least initially.

"The after party at the art warehouse turned out to be great chance to get to know the guys on a deeper level because they came in ready to share... Lucas actually got serious for a split second and surprised me," Rachel wrote in her blog, referencing the night portion of the group date during which the suitor read her a sweet poem.

But when Lucas and Blake weren't spending alone time with Rachel, they were bickering with one another over Lucas' questionable motives. Rachel finally caught wind of their conflict when Blake expressed his thoughts on the issue during that same date.

Blake warned Rachel that Lucas simply wanted to be a TV star and he even packed makeup to wear on The Bachelorette so that he would look good for the cameras.

Blake also revealed his roommate, Lucas' ex-girlfriend Brittney, didn't have flattering things to say about "Whaboom." Rachel appreciated Blake's concern but also seemed agitated he spent their alone time talking about another guy, and the guys' drama spilled over to the cocktail party later that week.

"I thought we had pumped the brakes on the drama and I would finally be able to focus on finding the relationships that had a future, not a past. I was wrong," Rachel admitted.

"The guys in the house seemed to have gotten to know each other well enough that they felt they needed to warn me about each other instead of letting me figure it out myself."

Lucas and Blake's issue with each other seemingly began when they both appeared on WE tv's Ex Isle in 2016 with Brittney. When Lucas and Brittney decided to date other people on the show, Blake was one of the contestants Brittney hit it off with, so the men entered The Bachelorette competition already having a history of dating the same girl.

"The past beef Blake and Lucas shared from both being on a prior dating show had gotten packed in their luggage and brought to the mansion," Rachel noted in her blog.