Although he ultimately voted in favor of the decision, Simon Cowell apparently needed to to be convinced to use the season's new "The Judges' Save" twist to prevent Matt Giraud's elimination on Wednesday night's live American Idol results show.

"For a minute there I thought we were gonna have to duke it out because it seemed as though Simon had trepidation about the whole thing," Idol judge Paula Abdul told host Ryan Seacrest during a Thursday appearance on Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show.

"It's just, we couldn't let Matt go," Abdul added as she attempted to explain what occurred as the judges were deliberating about whether to save Giraud from elimination -- a decision that, according to the twist's originally announced rules, needed to be a unanimous decision from all four Idol judges.

Abdul also said that, throwing more uncertainty into the mix and complicating the decision further, judge Randy Jackson may have also been undecided about whether to use "The Judges' Save."

"I don't know if Randy was kinda on the fence," said Abdul, who also seemed to believe -- incorrectly based on the twist's previously announced rules -- that the decision only needed to be a "majority" decision from the judges.

"It seemed that way and it was so frustrating and nerve racking and exciting at the same time because at one point I didn't even know what was gonna happen there," she continued. "But man it was the most exciting thing."

Both Abdul and Seacrest agreed that the atmosphere around the stage -- which included the audience chanting "save" while the judges deliberated -- was similar to that of a sporting event or Idol's past finales.

"It was so exciting," Abdul added.

Abdul also said that she was unsure how Cowell's Wednesday night comment that Giraud does not have a chance at winning the competition will actually affect the singer's chances, saying that the public could either be inspired to prove Cowell wrong or simply decide to agree with him.

"It can work either way," she said. "Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't."