Paris Hilton is back where she started, as The Simple Life star has reportedly been transferred from the medical ward of a Los Angeles County jail to the Century Regional Detention Center where she initially began to serve her 45-day sentence that resulted from parole violations of a September 2006 drunken driving conviction.

Hilton was transported from Los Angeles' Twin Towers Correctional Facility medical ward at around 11PM PT on Wednesday night, The Associated Press reported Thursday.  Hilton had been sent to the downtown facility to undergo medical and physical exams that would help prison officials determine the best location for her serve the remainder of her sentence. 

While The Simple Life star had originally been housed in a solitary cell in a special needs unit away from other inmates at the all-female Century Regional facility, Lt. Daryl Meeks would not elaborate to The AP which part of the detention center Hilton was transferred to late Wednesday night. 

Hilton was put back in the pokey last Friday -- following a brief stint of home confinement -- to "serve out her entire 45-day sentence" that resulted from the parole violations.  Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca had said Hilton was initially released on house arrest due to overcrowding as well as an "undisclosed medical condition."  In addition, he said he learned from one of The Simple Life star's doctors that she was not taking a "certain medication" while behind bars, resulting in an "inexplicable deterioration" that had left the jail's physicians "puzzled."

While attorneys who have handled similar cases to Hilton's have said her treatment was "neither special or unusual," The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has begun an investigation into whether the hotel heiress and socialite received special treatment because of her wealth and celebrity status, according to The AP.