A Phoenix broker dubbed the "Sultan of Sleaze" wants a starting bid of $20 million for Paris Hilton's diaries, photos and other personal belongings.

David Hans Schmidt said he paid $2,775 to a storage facility for Hilton's 18 diaries, photos, clothing, computers, videos, furniture and "sex toys," the Los Angeles Times reports.

Hilton's publicist told the Times the items were put in storage when Hilton moved in 2004 and were mistakenly sold in November in a "bureaucratic foul-up."

The hotel heiress is "incredibly upset and angry" and feels "victimized," he said, adding her lawyers were looking into possible legal action.

Schmidt told the Times he's more than willing to return Hilton's belongings -- for a starting bid of $20 million.

Hilton's rep called the price "rather irrational" but said he wouldn't rule out the possibility of Hilton buying her stuff back.