Nick Viall will be facing a lot more than just the return of Taylor Nolan in next week's episode.

The Season 21 The Bachelor star revealed in his People blog that the upcoming February 6 episode will kick off right where Monday night's broadcast had left off, with Nolan interrupting his dinner with Corinne Olympios.

"I was totally caught off guard when Taylor showed up at dinner to interrupt Corinne and me. What was she there for?" Viall wrote.

"Did she want to come back? Did she have more to say to Corinne? Was there something else I didn't know? A million questions flooded my brain."

Viall chose to give Olympios the rose and eliminate Nolan on the two-on-one date because he felt more of a connection with the blonde beauty from Miami, FL.

Nolan, however, clearly thought the Bachelor made a mistake in picking someone who allegedly lacks "emotional intelligence."

"Saying goodbye is never easy, but having someone come back unexpectedly is no cake walk either. Taylor certainly isn't saying goodbye without a fight," Viall disclosed.

"I think you'll be interested in what Taylor has to say and how I take it. But that is just the beginning."

Olympios' reaction to Nolan may be interesting as well, as the bachelorette previously called the mental health counselor "entitled, rude and a bully."

"Next week the drama heats up as the women and I travel to St. Thomas. There I'm faced with shocking truths and unexpected goodbyes," Viall teased.

"I find myself questioning, can this journey lead to a happy conclusion? Next week you'll see how it all goes down."