The Bachelor host Chris Harrison is taking a look back at the "most anticipated and dramatic" two-on-one date "in Bachelor history" featuring Nick Viall, villain Corinne Olympios and her rival Taylor Nolan.

"The dreaded two-on-one took place in the bayou, and it felt extremely fitting. Corinne played the game like a football coach, making her best defense an offense," Harrison wrote in his Yahoo! TV blog.

"She felt attacked by Taylor at the cocktail party in Wisconsin, and she led her time with Nick letting him know that she was afraid he was giving too much time and attention to a 'bully.'"

Olympios thought Nolan acted rude and entitled to their fellow bachelorettes, and the Miami native couldn't stand it when Nolan would speak condescendingly to her and insist she lacks "emotional intelligence." Olympios told Viall that Nolan -- who considered Olympios immature and unprepared to get engaged -- had even called her stupid.

"Taylor, who obviously was totally taken aback by the accusations, seemed more bewildered than anything. It threw her off so much she didn't even really have time to get her act together and explain her side of the story," Harrison explained in his blog.

"Nick had to follow his heart and give a rose to someone, and he gave it to Corinne. Taylor did not take it well... And the best part about it is it's not over yet."

Last week's episode concluded with Nolan approaching Viall while he was enjoying dinner alone with Olympios hours after her elimination. Nolan told the cameras she needed to speak her mind, and it was clear she thought The Bachelor star had made a mistake in choosing to keep Olympios around.

"I can't remember seeing anyone more surprised to be sent home on a two-on-one than Taylor, and Taylor is not about to take things lying down," Harrison said.

"As we saw, Taylor still has more to say, and she outright refused to leave New Orleans without being heard."

Harrison then gave viewers a taste of what's to come in the February 6 episode in regards to Nolan's confrontation with Viall.

"We'll see exactly what she has to say to Nick... Get ready for a mind-blowing conclusion to this story and even more surprises next [episode] on The Bachelor," the host revealed.