A New York police group wants the A&E cable network to cancel Victoria Gotti's reality TV show, claiming it's full of mob undertones and Italian stereotypes.

The Columbia Association, a fraternal group of 6,000 NYPD officers, sent A&E a letter requesting "Growing Up Gotti" be taken off the air, the New York Daily News reported.

"It's a disgrace," said association President Paul DiGiacomo, a detective. "The only reason the show is on is because her husband and the children's grandfather were gangsters."

However, Victoria Gotti denies the accusations.

"I'm a single working mom struggling to raise three boys," she said. "I'm very proud of my heritage.

"(The show is) certainly not about any mob nonsense. That's not my life."

The half-hour show has become one of A&E's most popular programs, especially among teenage viewers, company executives said.

"It's not about her family history. It's about her family today," said Programming Chief Robert DeBitetto. "It has nothing to do with organized crime."