USA Toay reports that NBC is aiming to repeat last summer's gross-out sensation 'Fear Factor' with Dog Eat Dog, a new 13-week series that's best described as a cross between Fear and Weakest Link.

The show, which originated in England, combines trivia questions with physical stunts performed before a studio audience.

"We still wanted things to look scary and be scary," says executive producer Stuart Krasnow (Link). "But there won't be any gross-out stuff," like Fear's notorious crawling rats or ingested pig rectums and bull testicles.

Instead, look for more highbrow fare, like dart and golf contests that involve stripping. And which of six contestants wins each week's $25,000 prize is determined by a convoluted series of vote-offs, quiz answers and stunt performances.

Dog has its day June 17, following Fear, Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Ex-Baywatch babe Brooke Burns hosts.