Actress Brooke Burns is back at work only five months after breaking her neck in a diving accident at her Los Angeles home.

The "Dog Eat Dog" hostess and "Baywatch" and "North Shore" star was injured when she struck her head at the bottom of the pool behind her home last November.

The break was very high, with some bruising of the spinal cord, she told People magazine.

"Literally a millimeter more and I would have been a paraplegic," she said. "They had to put a titanium plate in for my fourth vertebra. I have 10 screws and a rod in my neck now."

She is "back to her old self" -- putting in 18 hour days on the set of "Pepper Dennis," her WB sitcom with Rebecca Romijn -- Burns' friend and manager Barbara Stark told People.

"You would never know from seeing her now, except for the little scar on her neck," Stark said.