Coffey Anderson became the ninth finalist eliminated from Nashville Star's sixth season during last night's live penultimate broadcast of the NBC reality series.

The 28-year-old from Bangs, TX who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA was booted from Nashville Star's sixth season based on home viewer votes cast immediately following last Monday night's live episode

"I am so thankful for being put in this position," said Coffey after his ouster was revealed. 

"You guys have taught me so much, all the fans that voted for me, everybody that downloaded my music.  If you don't catch me on tour this summer, you can catch me in a church near you leading worship.  God bless you guys, I love you."

Coffey performed his original song "Southern Man" during last Monday night's live broadcast, and his musical mentor Jewel thought it was a good opportunity to show that he can be a country musician.

"I remember you doing this song earlier in the season, the first time I heard you," had commented Nashville Star judge Jeffrey Steele.  "I wanted to drill you tonight and tell you that I didn't like the song, but you just pulled it off.  It's kind of novelty for me, but you did a great job."

"Let's talk about the nuts and bolts," said fellow judge John Rich.  "If you win Nashville Star, you have to get on 200 major-market radio stations.  You have to.  I think that song turns on the crowd, but I think you're going to have a hell of a time getting on country radio with that song.  I've got to produce you a record if you win.  I don't think that's a hit song on country radio.  That's my own opinion.  Great performance tonight."

"That's no problem," responded Coffey as the studio audience booed.  "I totally take your advice.  I think you're the Donald Trump of country music."

Jewel said she liked the song because it showcased who Coffey is.

"It really does talk about you, so people are going to vote for you based on the song because they like you or they don't," she said.  "That's you and you stood for what you are, so I'm proud of that."

Coffey then performed Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" during last night's live episode.

"This was pretty good," commented Jeffrey.  "I think you're in your best element when you're doing these kind of songs, where you're not overdoing it too much.  You're a great showman.  Your charisma's carried you this whole way.  I hope it's enough to get you there.  You're a star -- I don't know if you're the next Nashville Star, but you're a star."
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"I also agree with Jeffrey that you have an incredible charisma, and an incredible showman, and I think you're a star," added John.  "But I still doubt that you're a Nashville Star.  I do think you're a star, I doubt you're a Nashville Star.  America will decide, I doubt it."

Jewel agreed that Coffey's charisma had been carrying him.

"But there is a difference between singing live and singing for a record," she continued.  "As we keep moving you forward, we want to see that transition keep happening.  But I thought it was great tonight."

Nashville Star host Billy Ray Cyrus then revealed Shawn Mayer, Melissa Lawson and Gabe Garcia would all perform one last time for the chance to claim the sixth-season title -- meaning Coffey was given the boot.

Nashville Star's live sixth-season finale will air next Monday at 10PM ET/PT, with the winner being based on home viewer votes cast immediately following last night's broadcast.  

The grand prize winner will receive a Warner Bros. record deal; a North American tour; a performance at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, which will commence August 8 and be broadcast on NBC; and a Toyota Tundra.