Tommy Stanley and Pearl Heart were revealed to be the fifth and sixth finalists eliminated from Nashville Star's sixth season during last night's live broadcast of the NBC reality series.

Both acts were booted from Nashville Star's sixth season based on home viewer votes cast immediately following last Monday night's live episode

Tommy, a 23-year-old Navy serviceman from Cushing, OK who currently resides on the USS Kitty Hawk, was eliminated at the onset of last night's broadcast.

"It's been a great experience," said Tommy after his elimination was revealed.  "Coming all the way from Japan to actually do this and follow my dream, it's not really making a statement just for myself, it's making a statement for the Navy and the military.  If you've got a dream and you dream of it every single day and you want to be that, than you can do it.  It's not far away.  I came from Japan and I did it.  Anybody who has a dream like I had can do it."

Pearl Heart, a trio from Florissant, MO that currently resides in Thompson's Station, TN and consists of 20-year-old twins Amy and Angela Krechel and their 17-year-old sister Courtney, were then ousted at the conclusion of last night's broadcast.

Tommy's first performance last Monday night was Rascal Flatts' "Bless The Broken Road," and it received mix reviews.

"I've got to tell you, you're the kind of guy I'd go have a beer with anytime," had commented judge and mentor John Rich.  "If that was the case, we'd call this 'show friends.'  It's 'show business'... You have to concentrate on trying to sing country music.  It seems like you're concentrating on trying to go there... It's not great country music to me.  You're a great guy, I think you ought to go somewhere else or just be a full-time Navy guy."

"I thought you might be gone by now, I told you that before," said fellow judge and mentor Jeffrey Steele, who complimented Tommy for correctly handling a missed note.  "It was very cool.  Good job."

"Tommy, I'm really pulling for you," added third judge and mentor Jewel. "You seemed a little bit self-conscious tonight -- I didn't see that same guy that's coming out here full of swagger.  That's one of your best qualities, so I want to make sure we don't cut that out of you."

Tommy's second performance last Monday night was Elton John's Tiny Dancer," and this time it was Jewel who questioned his country credibility. 

"Tommy, this has been a rough couple of weeks for you," she said after the performance.  "I feel like who you are naturally and what music you've been interested in as you told me during your mentoring session went away from your country roots into some rock stuff.  I think you're a unique performer, I'm not sure you're uniquely country... I thought that song -- amazingly -- sounded more country than the country song."

Pearl Heart's first performance last Monday night was Restless Heart's "I'll Still Be Loving You," and the judges were impressed with how well they performed such a difficult song.
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"The first chorus came in and I got some chill bumps on my arms," said Jeffrey.  "You really worked hard on that.  I told you that you couldn't miss this week on this song -- it was going to be either make or break.  If you missed a couple notes, it was going to be tough.  You really rose to it.  You still look a little stiff to me, but you did a fine job on it tonight."

"That's a tough song to tackle -- three-part harmony on that song... To get the harmonies right on that song would be a lot to ask, and you didn't get them all right.  But you got a lot of them right," added John.  "Now what you've got to work on is getting them right top to bottom.  This is going to become so competitive ladies... That's the challenge for you girls, you've got to be consistently great.  But that was really good right there."

Pearl Heart's second performance last Monday night was LeAnn Rimes' "One Way Ticket (Because I Can)." 

"I told you every week from here on out we have to step it up in order to win this thing," said Jeffrey.  "I love the way this thing has been coming along.  I still feel Courtney a little bit of, 'Am I doing okay?'  You're doing okay.  Let the people love you... Remember one thing right now, I can't have 100% from three girls.  I need three girls giving 100%."

Nashville Star's Top 6 sixth-season finalists are Ashlee Hewitt, Coffey, Gabe Garcia, Laura Fedor and Sophie Zalokar, Melissa Lawson and Shawn Mayer.

Nashville Star's next episode will air live on Monday, July 14 at 9PM ET/PT, in which two of the Top 6 sixth-season finalists will be eliminated based on home viewer votes cast immediately after last night's broadcast.