Nancy Grace says she got robbed when she and professional partner Tristan MacManus were eliminated from Dancing with the Stars during Tuesday night's live results show and will be ranting and raving about it for weeks to come. 

"It was a huge miscarriage of justice. I was robbed! That's a felony, even in California!" Grace joked during a Tuesday night appearance with MacManus on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Grace and MacManus seemed to bicker frequently during their Dancing with the Stars rehearsal footage, but MacManus insisted the producers weren't up-playing any of the drama.

"Everything that happened on the show is exactly what happened in rehearsals. Exactly," MacManus told Kimmel.

Although MacManus debuted on Dancing with the Stars last season in the show's supplemental dance troupe, this current edition was his first attempt at performing as a professional partner alongside a celebrity. As a result, he admitted he wasn't sure how he and Grace would fare in the competition given he had no viewer recognition or established fan base. 

"We didn't really have any expectations coming into it. Certainly for me, it being my first season, it could have been a bigger let down to Nancy than she might have been to me. So, we took it week by week," MacManus said.

The professional dancer also handicapped the competition and noted that any of the Top 4 finalists have a great shot at winning the mirrorball trophy. 

"It's anyone's game at this stage. There's a lot on [J.R. Martinez] now. He's doing a super job, but you definitely can't rule [Ricki Lake] out. Ricki's doing a superb job. [Rob Kardashian] is really pulling out his 'A game' now, and certainly [Hope Solo] has come back from nowhere as well. So, it's anyone's game at this stage really. I thought we were going to win though," MacManus said during a Wednesday morning appearance with Grace on Good Morning America.

While Grace didn't walk away the season's champion, she felt she left Dancing with the Stars with a true friend and learned a valuable life lesson she can teach her twin children.

"I've got to tell you, I'll never forget [the experience]. First of all, I have a friend for life in Tristan. We went through a lot together -- a lot of long, hard hours practicing -- but my big goal was to set a good example for my twins about believing in something and trying hard and keeping your chin up even when the chips are down," Grace added during the GMA interview.