MTV has announced The Real World: Sydney -- the nineteenth installment of the long-running reality series which is set down under in Australia's largest city -- will premiere Wednesday, August 8 at 10PM ET/PT.

Sydney, Australia was revealed as the show's setting in early January, and the 24-episode series will follow a similar format to previous editions of The Real World, which first premiered in 1992 on MTV. 

The seven strangers cast for The Real World: Sydney lived in a contemporary 20,000 square-foot waterfront house during filming and were employed by Contiki Holidays -- a Queensland-based travel agency that specializes in vacations for 18- to 35-year-olds with trips across the world.  After experiencing a Contiki tour for themselves, the roommates were assigned to design a two-day sightseeing tour in Sydney, and if successful, would receive a trip to Europe.

While most The Real World installments have taken place within the confines of North America, two previous seasons have whisked cast members across the Atlantic to Paris and London.  Besides filming in Hawaii for the series eighth season, this is the first time the show will go across the Pacific to take young Americans to the world's smallest continent. 

The Real World: Sydney will kick-off with Going Down Under: A First Look at the Real World: Sydney -- a special that will introduce viewers to the new cast and offer a preview of what to expect during the season -- which is scheduled to air Wednesday, August 1 at 10PM ET/PT.  

The Real World was created for MTV by Jon Murray and the late Mary-Ellis Bunim of Bunim-Murray Productions. Murray and Jim Johnston serve as executive producers, with Laura Korkoian serving as co-executive producer of The Real World: Sydney.

The seven roommates featured in The Real World: Sydney -- as well as their MTV-supplied bios -- are:

Cohutta, a 23-year-old from Blue Ridge, GA

With his Southern drawl and cowboy hat, Cohutta is a true blue American. He uses words like "sir" and "ma'am," opens doors for ladies and believes in love, God and Country. His favorite pastime is to disappear into the woods on horseback for days at a time with a shotgun and skillet. Already a self-made man, Cohutta makes his living building and selling spec houses. Starting with a bank loan he got on a handshake, Cohutta has managed to build a comfortable life for himself. One charming guy, his folksy earnestness makes him quite popular with the ladies wherever he goes.

Dunbar, a 22-year-old from Natchez, MS

Although Dunbar may look like a frat boy, his sharp intellect and ability to triumph over adversity make him anything but typical. With a troubling childhood behind him, Dunbar is currently enrolled in the University of Mississippi where he supports himself. To pay for his education, he joined the military and bartends while carrying a full load of classes. With his good looks and confident personality, Dunbar finds himself the center of attention among a few of the girls in the house. Even though he has a girlfriend back home, will Dunbar give in to his attraction?

Isaac, a 21-year-old from Cleveland, OH

The bad boy of the house, Isaac may seem intimidating initially, but deep down, he loves to meet new people and have a good time. Having grown up in a neighborhood surrounded by drugs and crime, he has worked hard toward achieving a better future for himself. A student at the University of Arizona, Isaac strives hard to maintain a 4.0 grade point average. With his comedic personality, he bonds with the guys and wins over the ladies.

KellyAnne, a 21-year-old from Georgetown, TX

A free-spirit with a kind heart, KellyAnne continues to feel the pain from her parents' divorce and the recent separation from her boyfriend of three years. Leaving her worries at home, KellyAnne is looking forward to having a great time, making new friends and using Sydney as an opportunity to figure out who she is and what she wants out of life. But when her ex-boyfriend comes back into the picture, will she have the strength to follow her own path or return to what is familiar?

Parisa, a 21-year-old from Long Island, NY

A recent New York University graduate, Parisa burned the candle at both ends maintaining a perfect grade point average while enduring a grueling pre-dawn-to-afternoon internship at a financial firm. In her spare time, she is a personal trainer and an aspiring singer. The kind of girl who cries when talking about world hunger and is enraged by discrimination against fellow Muslims, Parisa carries the weight of the world on her shoulders. Away from her strict parents, she is ready for a little adventure.

Shauvon, a 24-year-old from Sacramento, CA

With a heart of gold and a wicked temper, Shauvon is pursuing a journalism degree at Sacramento State University. Ambitious and driven, she already is well on her way to fulfilling her dream, writing a popular column about sex and relationships in her college newspaper. While her professional life is moving in the right direction, Shauvon is at a crossroads in her personal life. Before moving to Sydney, she broke off her engagement due to her fianc's lack of support for her career aspirations. Newly single, she is ready to jump back into the dating scene and figure out what truly makes her happy. But will her past love return to haunt her new future?

Trisha, a 19-year-old from Fresno, CA

Trisha, a strong-willed, Christian girl, lives a charmed life loving parents, the perfect boyfriend and not a care in the world. Trisha speaks her mind and does not allow other people to bring her down or tell her what to do. Leaving her small town behind and venturing out on her own for the first time, Trisha steps out of her comfort zone to live with six strangers in a foreign country. Will she be able to handle the pressures of being a responsible, independent and mature adult or will her stubborn and willful nature cause problems in the house?