Molly Duff is receiving a lot of heat for how she treated her husband Jonathan Francetic on Married at First Sight's sixth season, but she feels very wronged and misunderstood.

"There were so many things he said to me that were very hurtful, and I didn't call him out on any of it," Molly told Married at First Sight alum Jamie Otis and Dr. Pepper Schwartz during Tuesday night's episode of Married at First Sight: Unfiltered on Lifetime.

Many Married at First Sight viewers have cringed watching Molly deprive Jonathan of any emotion or intimacy for weeks now. From an editing standpoint, Jonathan appeared patient and kind, while Molly was just going through the motions of her marriage.


"I didn't tell the experts specifics on what he said because I didn't feel the need to go there and I didn't think it would be helpful to the situation," Molly said.

Despite a few highs and fun moments this season, the couple's lows culminated into one heated argument that took place during their mini-moon to Orlando, FL, six weeks into the process.

Jonathan -- who previously alleged Molly was even colder to him off-camera than she was when cameras were around -- recorded part of their fight on his phone, and in the video, Molly was shown mocking her husband and repeatedly saying, "You're disgusting."

"I don't feel we kept anything from the cameras," Molly said on Married at First Sight: Unfiltered.

"I think, maybe, there were a couple things I didn't call him out for on-camera to protect him, so I felt very, very betrayed when I felt he was very against me and trying to put things out there that didn't need to be put out there."

Molly said she felt so betrayed by Jonathan's decision to film their dispute because she didn't feel the footage accurately represented or depicted what had really gone down between them.

"That's not how the fight went; that's not how the whole night went. He did that strictly to hurt me... What you see in that video, that's not how the night went. He was yelling at me and calling me out about, like, oh I'm so insecure and how he's going to expose me to America," Molly revealed.

"There were so many things he said to me that were very hurtful... So it just hurt beyond belief that he brought fighting into this whole, new, unfair level."

Molly admitted conflict between Jon and herself had been "brewing for a while" and she got pushed so far that she just "lost it."
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Molly said she especially looks like the bad guy to Married at First Sight viewers because she had intentionally chosen not to discuss Jon's unflattering qualities and argumentative side on-camera.

"I struggle with [whether to regret] that, because on the one hand, I married Jon and I'm supposed to protect him. We're not just in a marriage but we're on TV. So, now that we got into that fight and he went way below the belt a couple times, I don't know what to do!" she explained.

"Now I'm looking back and saying, 'I should have put it out there from the beginning because then at least people would have seen my side... It sucks he put that out there like that, because he did it behind my back to really try to just make me look as bad as possible."

On last week's episode of Married at First Sight, Dr. Jessica Griffin was shocked to see Jon's video from that night at the Orlando bar. Dr. Jessica even accused Molly of sugarcoating their problems and lying about them.

"Having all this drama with [Jon] and still saying, 'I can see a future. I'm still in this. This isn't a dealbreaker. This isn't that bad.' That's not me lying. That's not necessarily me sugarcoating. That's me being positive and trying to do the best I can to stay committed and finish out the experiment," Molly explained.

Molly isn't sure whether she's more upset about her conversation with Dr. Jessica or Jon's actions.

"I'm wondering if Jessica is seeing me saying, 'You're disgusting,' as me saying, 'You're disgusting [as a person].' Because I was saying it because he had a phone in my face [recording me], like, 'This behavior is disgusting,'" she clarified.

Jephte Pierre also made an appearance on this Unfiltered episode, and he stood up for Jon saying Molly's husband probably just felt "really fed up" and "unwanted."

On why Jon probably recorded his fight with Molly, Jephte noted he "wanted people to see how hard he was trying."

In terms of Jon feeling unwanted as a result of facing constant rejection from Molly over the course of the eight-week experiment, Molly reasoned, "What's the rush?"

"Would you rather have someone give you affection and know it's not genuine and they don't really want to be doing it and they're just going through the motions, or, have them be honest but you feel rejected? Either way, you're wrong," she said.


Married at First Sight's sixth-season finale will air Tuesday, April 24 at 9PM ET/PT on Lifetime.
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