Michaela Bradshaw claims Taylor Stocker admitted having a girlfriend back home while he was romancing Jessica "Figgy" Figueroa during the filming of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.

A major storyline that has played out thus far on Survivor's current season has been the romance between Taylor and Figgy, which began when they were on the original Millennials' tribe together with Michaela. Taylor and Figgy kissed, flirted, cuddled and suggested they had a future together.

But Michaela -- who viewers saw be voted out of the game on Wednesday night's Survivor broadcast -- told Reality TV World in an exclusive interview on Thursday that Taylor had revealed Figgy wasn't the only girl in his life when the Survivor season was being filmed this spring.

"On the island -- I heard Taylor telling someone that he had a girlfriend," Michaela told Reality TV World. "He was talking to [Justin "Jay" Starrett]."

Michaela said Taylor's relationship status was why she couldn't take his showmance with Figgy seriously.

"[Taylor's girlfriend comment] is why I was like, 'This little couple is so silly!' Because this dude has a lady back home! And they're over here talking about how they're in love," Michaela explained. "But, you know, I stay out of people's business, whatever."

When Figgy got voted out of the game in last week's episode, she told Reality TV World that things didn't work out between herself and Taylor after the show because a "real-life situation interfered" with what they had on the island while filming Survivor.

Ironically, Taylor announced on Twitter earlier this week he is going to become a dad. In fact, he's expecting his baby to arrive at some point this month, only about five months after Survivor wrapped filming in mid-May.

"Coming back and hearing that he's expecting, I guess that means that 'FigTayls' was only made for TV," Michaela said, adding that she was "not surprised" to hear the news of Taylor's child.

Due to the timeline, it's safe to say Taylor had a pregnant woman in his life when he was romancing Figgy on Survivor. However, it remains unclear whether this mom-to-be was the "girlfriend" he was allegedly referring to in his conversation with Jay, or if Taylor was aware of the pregnancy before he left home in early April to begin filming.

Regardless, Michaela said Figgy had "no" idea Taylor had this girlfriend back home while they were in the game.

"But you know what? You've got to be aware on Survivor; You've got to be aware," Michaela, who never got along with Figgy on the show, told Reality TV World.

When asked whether she disliked Taylor as much as Figgy, Michaela replied, "I didn't have anything against Taylor. The thing was, he just seemed like he didn't like me, and it's probably because he was in love with Figgy -- and Figgy and I weren't friends on that island."
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Michaela didn't seem to care though, saying "Whatever, I think that is what that is. But I just knew that that couple was not for me. And I don't need two votes that could go against me at any time."

Michaela also noted that her desire to get rid of Figgy in the game "was a strategic thing" rather than a personal decision -- sort of.

"But it was also like, 'Okay, Figgy, it's time for you to go.' It was personally satisfying but strategic," Michaela admitted with a laugh.

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